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Off the Beaten Bliss is a niche website for people who are suspicious of the usual narratives about the nature of the Matrix and are looking for an original (maybe the original) approach to overcome it – namely by the development of an individuated Self.

Here, I am dedicated to exploring the cultural, philosophical, and cosmological aspects of personal and spiritual development as a continuation of healthy and life-affirming biological and psychological development that leads to the individuation of the Self. Individuation being a prerequisite to turning us into conscious and intentional observers on the quantum level.

Hi! I’m Katia

While growing up, I wondered why the world was so dysfunctional and unhappy, including myself.

Already disillusioned with conventional medicine, I started my first psychotherapy at age 19 and came in touch with alternative healing techniques soon after. While these modalities helped me a lot to understand the reasons for human suffering, they did not offer me the tools to overcome suffering.

In fact, while I was functioning better and could better adapt to the needs of my environment, my emotional and mental inner life and well-being were not really improving. Also, I began to face some physical health challenges.

Already unhappy with my law studies, I decided to really take my physical, emotional, and mental health into my own hands. I trained as a naturopath after finishing law school and was licensed two years later. From the beginning of my naturopathic training, I intensely studied human physiology and pathophysiology, while I deepened my knowledge of natural healing modalities and psychology.

After all this training, I had to admit to myself: I still wasn’t really feeling any better. Neither were my patients, which I realized as soon as I took up my naturopathic practice. I felt like a fraud. All these studies for minimal results. I wondered why people were actually still paying me any money. I myself had tried out masters in the field of natural holistic healing and given their therapies time and money without experiencing any real progress.

My first Heureka moment came with the discovery of what stress really is. While everybody was talking about it and medicine blamed it for almost all deaths, in the end, no one was connecting the dots and dealing with the implications of stress. I realized that nobody was thinking things through when it came to our survival mechanism, which is the over-arching principle behind stress. Everyone acknowledges the symptoms of stress and laments them. But no one tells you what stress really is and why it should not kill you in the end. 

Now, years later, while I have helped many patients to recover from a chronic biological survival mechanism, I still wonder about this kind of cognitive dissonance. There is absolutely nothing random about disease, neither physical nor psychological. It is all very logical and foreseeable once you know what you are looking for.

I have spent the last decade researching patterns of human health and disease. I first unlocked the secrets of the hormonal system. After this, I set out to do the same for the nervous and immune systems.

I trained as a homeopath, trauma therapist, and neuro trainer. In everything I learned from then on, I could see the red thread going through, which was the struggle between the survival principle and the life principle.

However, there was something funny going on. While the survival principle definitely had a purpose in the grand scheme of things, practically, it seemed to lead to chronic dissociation and ultimately, (self-) destruction.

One could obviously argue that it is serving its intended purpose. We humans are still here, after all. But what about the quality of our existence? And is death by self-destruction (aka overwhelming catabolism through stress) after a couple of decades in constant physical and cognitive decline really a testament to human triumph? I think not.

The question that I became obsessed with is: WHY? I had a pretty good idea about the HOW. But that didn’t automatically solve the question of WHY.

I am now convinced that we humans are able to live in two realities that are superimposed on each other. The Matrix reality and the reality of our original Organic Universe. While the Matrix works against organic life, the Organic Universe is life-affirming and offers us humans the opportunity to expand our souls within a physical reality. And that it is on us to choose which way to go in this post-Fall reality. Choosing the Organic Universe, however, necessarily implies that we need to take responsibility for and undo the karma (aka life-unaffirming decisions) that brought us into the predicament of the Matrix.

In other words: we are constantly creating and recreating the Matrix through our inability to deal with reality and to make life-affirming choices. Therefore, the Matrix will not just go away. No matter how many Armageddons we create. We are not meant to be saved. We are supposed to get out of this ourselves. Every single one of us.

In my opinion, it all comes down to development. Not the kind of progress that we have been seeing through the ages. Real integral development. One that does NOT trigger perpetual dissociation and self-destruction. Because if it does, it is not development or evolution. It is an illusion that simultaneously creates a huge shadow and establishes a predatory system that cannibalizes humanity itself until the whole construct is shattered. So far, we have always been devoured by our collective shadow.

I think it is time we learn from our history. Been there, done that. This is why I have dedicated my life to understanding the original purpose of our physical existence. The Logos of old. Because for the moment, we are enjoying the negative sides of our animal bodies, while the actual animals do a far better job with them. We are far from fulfilling our HUMAN potential. In fact, we are getting further and further away from it on the return cycle of devolution.

On the bright side, I am convinced that we have been given everything that we need to grow into the best versions of ourselves. The answers are in us. They are in our environment. We can see them if we truly open our eyes and act accordingly. We DO have what it takes to turn this ship around. It is on us. If we dare to go off the beaten bliss of anesthesia and distractions that we are so used (and have been entrained) to recur to.

If you resonate with my musings, I would love to invite you to join me on my journey of discovery about what it could mean to be a true, healthy, and happy human being!

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