Are we a fit?

I am so excited that you resonate with my teachings! I know from experience, that there is not so much alike out there, which is why I want to support you in a way I wished someone had supported me when I thought that I had nowhere to go with my thoughts and feelings.

My expertise, dedication, and support go to individuals who are genuinely interested in my work and are able to benefit from what I can offer.

Let me elaborate on that first bit for a minute. Resonance is a good start when it comes to the question of whether we are generally on the same life-path. If you haven’t done so already, check back on my core teachings here.

But we will only be a good fit if there is also a high congruency in our life-paths.

You should not only resonate with what my teachings are about but also what they are not about. I will not convince, justify, or negotiate in my sessions. If you are quite happy practicing the things that this website is not about and are just mildly curious about my point of view, we will have quite a lame conversation, because I will not be excited or invested in it.

However, if you are on the fence about them and there is a strong voice inside yourself that something isn’t adding up, I’ll be a great sparring partner for you.

Every quest starts with information. What I am offering is a truly unique and alternative point of view that I believe can offer a coherent explanation of the cosmos and world that actually makes sense and is practically and personally verifiable by anyone interested in many different ways, from health to manifestation.



Big Picture Conversations

If you would like to get in touch in order to discuss any of the above, my “Big Picture Conversation” is the right session for you.

Topics we could discuss:

  • My perspective of the Matrix in relation to your personal background
  • Practical problems that arise in your life when you try to navigate the Matrix and Organic Universe overlay
  • Unpacking some of the narratives of your life in order for you to have a starting point for your research and introspective process
  • My own history and background may encourage you to trust yourself with thoughts and emotions that clash with the current social and spiritual paradigm
  • We could work out the differences between the path to autonomy and the paths to transhumanism or ascension in relation to your life

The “Big Picture Conversation” comes with no strings attached. It is a coaching session focused on providing you with insights into the nature of your quest. But it will not provide you with a systematic frame for you to work through the physical, emotional, and mental challenges that you need to work through to actually transcend the Matrix. In order to do that, you will need therapeutic advice that you can obtain from my practice team in form of the Integral Evolution Program.

Therefore, I will not discuss the following topics with you in this Session:

  • Nutritional Advice
  • Supplements
  • Health Issues
  • Emotional or mental Problems
  • Trauma therapy or how to break through mind control
  • The specifics of the Integral Evolution Program

Big picture conversations are inspirational, but not transformational. Like all of my offerings, they are not there to make you feel better, but to challenge you to grow. If you are interested in actually working through the Matrix, please book an introductory session with my colleague Ulrike to see if the Integral Evolution Program is a fit for you. You can book this introductory session right away if you want to. No need to book the “Big Picture Conversation” first. But if you actually want to talk about the big picture, please book this session, since Ulrike will not talk theory with you.

Sessions are through Zoom Video Call, 180 Euros (incl. 19% vat)/ 90 min

Integral Evolution Program

Integral Evolution is basically a program to revert you back to your organic nature as well as to prompt evolutionary steps necessary for you to embody your soul(s). It is designed to facilitate emotional maturity, the first big milestone needed for intentional creation.

The Integral Evolution program covers:

  • Nutritional Advice
  • Advice about individual supplementation with minerals and vitamins
  • Advice on which homeopathic remedies to take in order to help your body deprogram from unwanted energetic patterns (negative beliefs, past prescription drug use, etc.)
  • Advice on how to tackle epigenetic patterns that keep your body in a state of survival as well as unable to regulate itself
  • Advice on how to balance your hormonal system naturally and without the aid of any external hormones
  • Advice on how to wire or rewire your nervous system properly, because the maturity of the nervous system in many people doesn’t even correspond to the maturity level of a one-year-old (something nobody knows or talks about)
  • Trauma therapy with a special emphasis on overcoming frustrated symbiotic needs so you can reach emotional maturity as well as a focus on the uncovering of the real truth of your own life
  • Tools that facilitate your self-regulation and self-empowerment

In order to find out if the Integral Evolution program is right for you at this time, please make sure to carefully read about it first.

I would like to come back to what I already mentioned above where I say that my practice team or I will only work with people who actually can benefit from what we have to offer.

While motivation and congruence are very important, they do not make up for certain natural prerequisites that allow this program to be beneficial for you and a pleasure for us at the same time. The Integral Evolution program as well as the work that I offer as a follow-up to it (see mentoring program below) are based on evolutionary principles as well as on Natural Lore. Therefore, certain circumstances apply that nature itself has established. Should these conditions not be met, the program will either not work or we will have to infuse a lot of our own energy into the client in order to carry him or her to where he or she needs to be.

This doesn’t only oppose the client’s independent evolution (how else can autonomy be reached, but independently?), but also the principle of mutuality. In other words: If we work with people that are not able to take what we have to offer, we will also lose energy. While money is commonly seen as compensation for the time given to the client, it is not everything. Money compensates for the fact that the facilitator can’t expect to get anything back from his client but money. Facilitation or any kind of therapy wouldn’t work if we did.

But money doesn’t compensate for the energy of the facilitator that has nowhere to go if the client can’t take it. Since most people are not familiar with the principle of mutuality, they never think about the detrimental effects of prevented energy flow. I have given this phenomenon a lot of thought. I came to the conclusion that if I as a facilitator work with someone who is either unwilling or unable to take what I have to give, I am upholding a lie. And lies always cost energy. I am facilitating the idea and delusion in the client that his ideas and preferences call the shots and that he does not have to follow the system of Natural Lore. Think about it for a moment. Does it really make sense to tell a physically challenged short person that he or she can be a basketball NBA star? Or does it make any sense to promise the parents of a small child a driver’s education for their child? Some people may find what I am saying cruel. I, on the other hand, find it cruel to uphold an illusion and waste resources (time, money) that could be invested better elsewhere. Part of evolving into a mature human being is to acknowledge limitations. Some of them are there to be faced and overcome, others are there to show us that our path lies elsewhere.

You will find the short version of what will be expected of you in the Integral Evolution Program here and who we won’t work with here and here. However, I encourage you to familiarize yourself with all the information about the program starting at the beginning here.

Also, the program was set up in its entirety for a reason. Please understand that we will only work with people who want to commit for at least the first module as a whole, even if they only feel drawn to certain aspects of it. So there is no jumping in the middle. We have made the experience that doing only certain parts of the program may bring symptomatic relief or better functionality, but also shifts of symptoms and almost certainly no deep healing or integrated evolution.

Notice that I will not talk about the etheric aspects or the soul so much when I describe the program. First, the program is designed to work on the physical, emotional, and mental foundations of what is needed to transcend the Matrix. Unlike many other teachings intended to bring about spiritual evolution, we do not want to put the cart before the horse. Second, the program works according to Natural Lore and without the client having to have any knowledge about the meta-perspective in terms of the Matrix cosmology or Matrix overlay. In fact, many of my former clients started questioning the current paradigm by themselves and without any infusion from my part, once they progressed in their natural and organic evolution.

Important: If you have been subjected to severe mind control and now suffer from DID or any similar syndrome, you will need more specific care in terms of trauma therapy than we can offer. Therefore, you will not benefit from the Integral Evolution program. If you are unsure, please book a “Big Picture Conversation” with me first and I will then evaluate your circumstances. I don’t usually use this session for assessment, but in this case, I will need to talk to you first before I can see if the Integral Evolution program could benefit you. That being said, we are familiar with mind control and will be able to work with you if you have an operative self.

Go to the Integral Evolution website here for more information about the process, modules, and costs.

Mentoring Program: Polarity Reality Management

The Integral Evolution program is the first step to get people ready to become a reality manager. Once emotional maturity is established, you can start working on your mental maturity, brought about by your own superintelligence (sometimes called higher self), that now needs to incarnate and be embodied. Your superintelligence is an important tool for intentional creation and an interface between matter and soul. However, you now do not only need a tool, you will also need more fuel in terms of organic energy. That fuel is your sexual energy. This energy can only be handled properly if you are emotionally mature and able to direct it properly.


That process happens when you grow into your polar identity, into your male or female energy.


For the moment, I want to keep my mentoring program available only for a specific group of people whose primary duty in these times of transition is not only reality management but also the deepening of the polar energy.


In my experience so far, these individuals are:Interplanetary souls – individuals who have only recently incarnated into Earth, but have a vast experience living on other planets (and mostly remember this)


  • Who know that they have come here for reality management on a macro scale
  • Because their whole life history in this and other lives has prepared them with specific experiences that culminate in the knowledge that in this time and space, their most important goal in life is to transcend the Matrix
  • And who already have a strong affinity for polarization, beginning with their physical body

Since what I am talking about has a very special “energy feel” to it, I will try to give you a multidimensional feel about what I am talking. So far, this might sound like tantra to you. I assure you, it is not. The feel is very different. To me, Tantra is dead. Just bliss in disguise. 

Let’s see if I can give you a taste of what I am talking about…



The path of polarization is not an easy one. This path requires complete dedication to integration on all levels and lots of shadow work.


In my experience, these individuals have most likely been involved in designing the architecture of the matrix or they have been high ranking executives of the cosmic conquerors that have been in charge of spreading the Matrix template. And yet, it isn’t necessarily in these people’s life-path to explore polarization to the max.


What we will likely work on in this mentoring program, among others:


  • Working on negative beliefs and mind control patterns around sexual energy, especially the core belief that the only way to use it is through black magic and sexual abuse
  • Working on negative beliefs around your gender identity
  • Getting you initiated into your original masculinity/femininity
  • Claiming back the right to your sexual energy and creativity, it is not for anybody to take
  • Working on restoring balance to the four elements in your life, especially fire and water


Notice: None of the coaching has to do with the shedding of clothes, tantric exercises, or sexual acts. While sex is a great way to celebrate sexual energy, it should be a private matter with a very special person that you are emotionally committed to, in my opinion. I am in no way inclined to be a sex worker, (virtual) temple whore, or anything similar. This coaching is about you being able to handle the intensity of sexual power within yourself. My role, besides giving you crucial information, is to hold up the other end of the polarity, which I can equally do for the male or female pole.


I will know whether we are a good fit for my Polarity Management Mentoring program, through our “Big Picture Conversations”. So there is no way to apply formally. Our work together will evolve naturally.


I will only mentor you in polarity reality management, once you have either completed the Integral Evolution program or are well into it. That will also apply if you have already done a lot of shadow work before. Should you really not need certain parts of the program, we will tailor them to your needs. However, I want to make sure that integration has gone on properly on all levels before we take the next step into polarization.


Sessions are through Zoom Video Call, 180 Euros (incl. 19% vat) / 90 min