Devolution & Evolution

For most people, Darwin is a synonym for evolution.

However, what I am talking about has little to do with Darwinism. What I am referring to is the process of self-organization, specialization and increasing complexity that mature human beings need to be involved in in order not to create the Matrix.

Here, I want to summarize this general process and contrast it with pseudo-evolution, which eventually leads to devolution.



Pseudo Evolution



Feminine Pole: Complexity

The more evolution (healthy development) progresses, the more differentiation happens. This fact automatically leads to more complexity. True to the feminine pole, individuality is another feature of differentiation. The further “down” from the unifying principle one gets, the more complexity there will be.

The feminine pole also stands for the linear and temporal aspects of development.

Balancing Pole: Self-Organization

The balancing pole carries the friction between the feminine and masculine pole while “consulting” with an authority that goes beyond itself.

One could say that there is another polarity contained within the balancing pole, which alternates between old transcendental and new experiential wisdom. Both aspects of the polarity gain by this experience, whether they are on top or at the bottom of the pyramid.

The Creator Intelligence stands for the old transcendental wisdom, while our incarnated souls contribute a new aspect through experimental wisdom. 

In true evolution, however, the proportions of this contribution vary. In the beginning, the bottom of the pyramid depends on the top’s autonomy, while the top depends on the bottom’s diversity. The whole process is fluid, but true evolution always goes toward our individuation within the creation. 

Masculine Pole: Specialization

ingThe more evolution progresses, the more autonomy the branches “down the line” will develop. Notice, that autonomy does not mean selfishness (I only do what I want!), but the ability to make decisions without the consent of others by understanding the consequences of one’s actions.

The masculine pole also stands for the non-linear aspects of development.

The undifferentiated and Infinite Potential of the Unity inspires Self-Organisation

The Intelligent Design concentrates in matter. Everything that is created, contains the trinity of the feminine, balancing, and masculine poles. In other words, all matter contains the concept of unity, differentiation, and autonomization simultaneously.

Combining these three factors equals self-organization, in which structure and function work together harmoniously.

The further away from Unity, the more Complexity

Differentiation and autonomization form layers of increasing complexity “down the line”.

Later layers always contain the information of all the layers before them. Therefore, information density also increases with increased branching.

In true development, mature stages need to have passed through all earlier stages. No skipping allowed. More autonomy and differentiation need to be “earned” through one’s own experience.


Consciousness - what it is, what it isn't

Real consciousness is unthinkable without the balancing pole. Often reduced to super cognition or a purely spiritual force, consciousness is the ability to make life-affirming choices and control one’s own creations. It is what gives the observer on the quantum level intention.

Consciousness requires wisdom to decide how and when to balance the feminine and masculine poles for the good of all… It equally requires the ability to see parts in a whole, as well as a whole in parts. Or to create parts from a whole or to form a new whole from parts.

It is what arises if free will is used wisely. Therefore, it is tightly connected to the Logos. But its room for error enables our souls to learn about the consequences of our actions and take responsibility for them.

A win-win-win situation for the whole system: us, the Intelligent Design, and the creation as a whole. 

Consciousness is the wisdom to decide whether to preserve or to transcend boundaries in order to broaden the scope of influence mid-to long term

The upward Spiral of Evolution

In trinitarian Polarity, masculine function (non-linear thought, non-temporal aspects) and feminine structure (linear thought, temporal aspects) converge and propel each other into an upward spiral of true evolution. This means, that the same challenges must be confronted at regular intervals.

What changes are the perspective and the resources to deal with them. This leads to an evolving ability to see the world as a complex and open system and always to take the perspective which is the most life-affirming at the given moment. Problems can increasingly be solved for the higher good of the individual, the group, and the system itself, now and in the future.

Pseudo Evolution


Perverted feminine Pole: Dysfunctional Structures

The more time passes, the more gaps in the structure will become apparent. These gaps lead to a lack of function in the growing hierarchical structure. It becomes rigid and inflexible. Resources and Energy are wasted through this faulty infrastructure.

There is no natural progression from one stage to the next anymore. Individuals prematurely take up positions of responsibility they are unable to fill. Once at the top, positions are held by the oppression of the lower levels. Resources are not just withheld, but also demanded as a perpetual debt to the elites who claim to rule by the grace of God.

Thus, a parasitic system with a pecking order is established. A rise to the top is often bloody. The system, therefore, favors cunning, narcissistic individuals as leaders.

Appearances become everything, and problems of the underbelly are ignored, suppressed, or at least not talked about in public.

Since there is no real development, topics of the lower levels, like sexual appeal, status, or brute power predominate, without being balanced with more complex topics like meaning or spirituality.

Perverted masculine Pole: Unstructured Function

The more time progresses, the less functional the system becomes. Individuals and society are unable to deal with and manage complexity, effectively cutting themselves off from energy and new resources that are needed for healthy development.

Functions are not seen in the context of a structure, but as an instrument of power that will be used until it meets active opposition. The fear of rebellion or overthrow by those in power is constant.

The rulership by merit, meaning that the top of the hierarchy is reached by the ability to deal with complexity for the good of all, ceases to exist.

Since the lower levels are systematically deprived of developmental resources, they start to fit the elite’s classification of ignorance and unfitness to rule. The elite becomes ever more refined, but they are just as immature as their subjects.

Creativity and innovations, which require a good understanding of healthy structures as well as the ability to understand how to change them for the best of all, are restricted to a few rare cases of genius. Which is suppressed, as soon as it threatens the power structures.

The missing balancing pole is a blind spot that facilitates the Matrix

There is no such Thing as a Power Vacuum


The missing Self is not only a blind spot, individually and collectively but also a vacant power station.

Once we are not our own masters, someone or something else will be. Our Egos are comparable to a vacant control room, with all the dashboards up and running, but without an able controller. Therefore, the door is wide open for influences and possessions, terrestrial, ethereal, and extra-terrestrial. As a consequence, the lower levels of the hierarchy become a commodity for the higher-ups, to be toyed with at will.

And the sad and ugly truth is that most people and societies really are not able to self-regulate or self-govern- they simply never learned how. Therefore, these little complex individuals do need guidance. They welcome it. Like little children most parts of their personalities truly are.

The balance of security vs freedom will automatically tip towards security. Decisions are fear-based, which trumps any real rationality.

On the quantum level, however, creation goes on, whether the observer is conscious or not. Therefore we are creating and constantly reinforcing our own prison.

Too much power and too little wisdom to deal with equals a bomb waiting to explode. There is a reason why children shouldn’t play with matches – much less with atom bombs or particle accelerators.

There is no such Thing as Self-Organization without a Self...

Chaos displaces order without the ability for self-organization.

Progress is random, ending in dysfunctional structures and unstructured functions. The fatal flaws of the systems are passed down to every new level of differentiation.

The perverted masculine and feminine not only stand in opposition to each other but there is also a split between the material and mental world, which is often mistakenly referred to as the spiritual world. The concept of “all being mind” is one of the key fallacies of the Matrix, a truly reductionist perspective.

The further away from Unity, the more Instability

The more time progresses, the more the masculine and feminine poles drift away from each other. In polarity, the balancing pole can be visualized as a zipper, that keeps the masculine and feminine poles together.

Therefore, the system becomes increasingly unstable. The Shadow, which can be seen as an inorganic controlling entity itself (egregor), starts acting out when control mechanisms of the conscious mind begin to decrease and ultimately fail. Dissociation increases the Shadow, while self-destruction makes it more lethal.

Purgatory – Ciclical Time

We now have literally arrived in a vicious cycle of chaos.

In a circle, there is always the opportunity to go back to the start, and take up responsibility for past mistakes by integrating the Shadow, and by supplying the resources that are necessary to repair the gaps in the developmental structure.

It is not quite Hell yet, we are just in Purgatory. By reshuffling resources and by adjusting functions in a rational manner, much can be learned from this situation. Heaven is still a possibility until structures are attacked to the level of no return. Which is when devolution starts.


We are almost at the Point of no Return...

We have currently reached a level of growth that is not sustainable anymore, even to a flawed system.

The spiral of devolution has already begun and it is rapidly accelerating. Structures of knowledge are breaking down, our health is declining, every year, children reach legal adulthood with less maturity.

Lucky for the ones that are sick of this ever repeating cicle, there are still pockets of knowledge available that can help us to unlock our true potential as human beings. However, we will have to fight to keep this access to knowledge and other ressources, possibly even the most basic ones, such as clean food and a healthy environment.

The downward Spiral of Devolution

In Duality, masculine function (non-linear thought, non-temporal aspects) and feminine structure (linear thought, temporal aspects) do not balance and complement each other.

Non-linear thought, which is not directly connected to matter, will tend to ignore or even fight material aspects of existence. Matter, on the other hand, multiplies without rhyme or reason.

Such a system is neither able to harvest the energy it needs to keep up its complexity functional, which makes it a closed energetic system. Nor is it able to organize its resources in a sustainable way. There are only so many ways to adapt function without a life-affirming structure. Without an open energy flow, the system will necessarily start to cannibalize itself. The structure will start to break down, which further compromises function since they are mutually dependent.

Devolution is the result, either to the point of complete destruction or to the point where there are enough resources to keep the system running again, flawed as it may be.

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