Ottbb is for me, but is it for you?

evolutionary speaking, there is no right or wrong. There is always timing and circumstances (survival or living). Something that may be fitting in earlier stages of development, may not be fitting later to further individual and collective development and the more complex a society gets and the more people want to live together without being fed by the land, the more important it is for a society to develop if it doesn’t want to self-destruct.


Here, integral perspective which is the stage that we need not to destroy ourselves.


My philosophical musings, I will not present results, just hypothesis that I am trying to verify or debunk through further research and my own experience. Work in progress.

No debate or convincing, no teacher in a traditional sense: I will not make an effort to enlighten you personally, to make it palatable and appropriate for you. Go book a session.


Development: what it isn’t

Becoming more spiritual

Becoming more technologically advanced

Becoming more economically advanced

“They will tell you what to do, but not how to do it”


The question is WHY?

Looking for a practical roadmap to transcend the Matrix without taking the path of Ascension or Transhumanism?

System of artificially placed obstacles that are meant to keep you away from a truly human experience, ultimately by keeping your soul from inkarnating into your body.

body is faulty, disgusting, sinful

Why: power in integration of fractals, first being body

Increase in power and individuation, both threaten the matrix wich is a pyramid scham instilling a power debt for the underlings through the engineering of the senses (curated into what we know as consciousness)

There is at least a double Matrix. Most people focus on the part that directly influences our society and solar system.

Fragmentation: parallel realities in our psyche, good vs. bad

The lack of awareness of the machinations of the mother matrix, we will never solve the riddle of the child matrix or evolve beyound it so that we are stuck in cycles of time that repeat themselves over and over, instead of evolving on a spyral.

Dear fellow soul,


No solution: getting rid of the top of the pyramid, waiting for any savior, thinking someone else can do it, thinking that it will work if you do things half way (vaccine)

No use to keep talking about the latest news of the Bilderberger, the Illuminati etc, if you want to transcend the Matrix, which is why here, I will analyse structures and power without naming the usual suspects on a global and galactic level to expose them. I assume these hierarchies exist and I am not interested in the details. What I want is to transcend these things and not get caught up in the good bad dichotomy.

Welcome to Off the beaten Bliss, my heart project about all things that self-empower us to transcend the last level in this vastly distorted reality game that is often called the Matrix.

Not about reconstructing a golden age (ou has instant carma) or secret knowledge from some bygone age like Atlantis etc. because in my opinion, it is futile to reconstruct something that was broken in the first place.

Things happen to people instead of people making things happen.

“A real cosmology can have no exceptions, it must address a question from any discipline” Wallace Thornhill, meaning soul needs to come in, but even more, natural lore needs to be coherent with spiritual evolution.

Not the first one to claim that there is something wrong. Like gnostics. Vastly different conclusions, coming from a developmental angle, Matrix has many layers, not just the result of one incident.

The angle that I am coming at this topic differs from many other approaches concerning that topic. The question of the question for me is: Why is mostly everybody eager to serve a lord? No matter how much they might plight for freedom, self-empowerment and independence of thought otherwise. This is even true for people who actively question the official narrative, be it in its historical, scientific or religious aspects. Therefore, all my musings will be seen through this lense. It is this context that I will ask the reader to keep in mind as he follows me in my quest to make sense of it all. I sincerely believe that there is no real exit from the Matrix, as long as we have not understood the mentality of a slave paradigm and taken appropriate measures to remedy it.

I will be relating my own experiences as well as my attempts to substantiate them by researching into different fields in order to connect the dots to the best of my knowledge. I do not claim to get it all right. Some of what I am saying is highly speculative by nature. However, my speculations are never just a “brain child”. I will only say things that I have thoroughly thought through and that have been confirmed by my own experience with myself and others. Needless to say, whatever I am saying is still just a point of view and open to my own revision at a later point. I am making my own experiences bublic because firts, it is my experience that more people all over the world are thinking in a similar direction. Second, I do believe that I have quite a unique perspective to share that includes the separation of the defining qualities of the “natural” vs the “artificial” universe. I will explore this implications for different levels of existence, from the physical to the metaphysical and spiritual. I first work from a highly subjective point of view: I have a practival problem, I try to solve it. Then I gather as much information as I can to solve it. These sources of information are often extrasensory. Then I test the information practically. If I see progress, I try to find other sources of information from different fields of knowledge, including science and metaphysics. While this may sound anachronistacally, I am not actually interested in aliens, the paranormal etc, although I do take them for granted. I am only interested in the specifics if they help me to recognize a pattern from which I can extract a solution. What I want to see is the big picture, to understand how nature works and what of it is a superimposed layer of matrix reality.

On this website that is reserved to my subjective experiences concerning the big picture, our collective evolution and our spiritual evolution, wherease my website is concerned with the individual development and health (which are the same thing really). What I talk about at Integral Evolution is based on evidence in terms of research and my own experience as a practitioner of many years. There, I only talk about things that have yielded consistent and reproducible results (Integral Evolution is also a therapeutic system that I call Integral Medicine). Here, I will take the freedom to speculate more, although I will also aim to offer solutions. OTBB is reserved for philosophical, spiritual and speculative musings that are, however, based on my work that I lay out in Integral Evolution.

Transcendence through development is an option, but not the only one. Transhumanism etc. are still a choice. A choice you consciously or unconsciously make by your actions, rather than by your thoughts. This is where free will comes in. Few people realize that free will does not release them from the constraints of natural lore. If you want to do it is your choice, how not really. Whatever you choose for, you will have to act consistently. At this website I will tell you what I think is inconsistent with the idea of transcending the matrix if you do not want to take the paths of ascension etc. What you do is still your choice. But you will reap what you sow. Laws have no exceptions, otherwise they wouldn’t be laws.

There is absolutely no way to cheat evolution. There are no shortcuts. The thing is that most people have no clue what evolution actually is. But you should know what it isn’t: consciousness and the expansion of mind. The more this happens, the less evolution actually takes place. the good thing about this is that if you actually evolve, unevolved people simply can’t foresee your next moves. They simply do not have the capacity to, no matter how intelligent they are.

Not whatsoever interested in enlightenment and bliss.

Developmental approach: mother or God last words, says it all in my opinion,

I will be examining old texts, especially religions and myths to extract real and fake laws from it. I don’t promote any of it as a path to transcend the matrix, no matter how many useful snippets may be in them

I am not a guru, I will not tell you what to think or how to act. I am telling you how I think and how I act and why. I am simply putting out knowledge that helped me and that might benefit you. I urge you to look for proof in your own life. Do not take my word for it. But be aware about what it is you are looking for. If you are looking to confirm religion you will, if you are looking to confirm what I am saying, you will. Because there is a choice. It is about what you would like to follow and what works for you.

The problem with the Matrix concepts is that it attracts people who are looking for a return to garden eden without work or are sensationalists. Very few have recognized that it is a challenge to be mastered through very hard inner work.

While blasphemy may be the correct term from a linguistic standpoint, people with a lack of perspective will automatically push me in the corner of Satanism or Luciferianism, because the opposite of God ist the Devil, right? but there is a third way if one leaves the concept of false light and shadow.

I am very well acquainted with satanism through my family, I want no part in it.

Stay out of traps, become a loving person be kind to strangers– not enough

Any concept that has a deity as the creator of the highest aspect of ourselves (soul) represents a pyramid scam or extortion money principle in my view, which comes from the perspective of natural and healthy evolution. Now, I do know that that is a whopper for very many people. And probably considered blasphemy by many. Let me be completely clear so that you may discontinue reading if I am offending your sensibilities. I do not see it as our ultimate mission to return to source if this return is not our own soul but a god of any kind. I consider the ubiquitous idea of inhaling and exhaling of god who wanted to experience himself to be part of Matrix lore as well as Maria’s theorem (I have my own interpretation of these principles, both of which I will discuss in detail here).

Coming from the idea that evolution is open ended, therefore, the same rules apply to spirituality as to emotional development etc. In this blog I am trying to find evidence to reconstruct how it could come to the system of limitations that is trying to arrest our development according to our true nature. This reconstruction of our history can only be speculative. I will discuss this from different angles (aliens, biology). However, the story is ultimately inconsequential. I don’t think it helps to get hung up on details, in fact it is a big distraction. In my opinion, ultimately it doesn’t matter what happened. What matters is that we understand why it happened and what we need to do to transcend arrested development. It is about taking responsibility back and to gett off victim and slave mentality.

Let me be very clear: There is absolutely no knowledge about aliens, conspiracies, etc necessary in order to grow up. I find that it is a natural result of evolution to be in touch with paranormal info, but it is not what will make you grow. It may expand your consciousness, which is not the same as evolution, as so many people believe. In fact, it can be hugely distracting. Many people fall into this trap by falling prey to the narrative although they are trying to free themselves from it. It is always the same question: do you control knowledge or does it control you?

Many people are still waiting for “them” to enlighten us or to admit or stop, which they won’t the same way they are secretly hoping for their parents to make it right. Unfullfilled symbiosis and the locus of control shift are entry gates for that behavior that is ubiquitious and therefore normal in our society. This is where I see the God theme coming in. There is always going to be a savior or at least benevolent being that has your back, which goes against the concept of autonomy, there simply needs to be. When it comes down to it, we are parts of god and therefore, there is always some authority above us, which is the gate to slave mentality.

Others have postulated that we grow up, but I am saying nothing is going to change and history is going to repeat itself over and over, if we do not actually do it. Of course, there are different views about what it means to be a grown up and therefore there are different ways to get there, too. Integral Evoluiton.

Numerous researcherchers researching consciousness and it is a great break through for them to “prove” that our consciousness influences matter and that our mind is non-local. This is all great. But it will not help us to crack the Matrix at all. It is in fact contributing to its problem by putting the focus on what is keeping us in the Matrix.

The reenactment of the battle of good vs evil and the meme that they are hiding something from us that would free us if we just knew what it was. Which is not the point. It is about doing it. Knowledge is important but in no way a solution. Interested in results, not explanations. I am interested in a way out, even if I can’t explain it. If stuff works, I don’t care that there is a researcher saying it doesn’t work. That being said, I will be looking into research to extract information and to not lose you as a reader, you need to be able to follow my deductions and most people need corroboration from several perspectives to be able to entertain a thought as being plausible.

“That propaganda easily seduces even those whom it most horrifies is a paradox that Bernays grasped completely; and it is one that we must try at last to understand, if we want to change the world that Edward Bernays, among others, made for us.” Bernays?

“The public relations counsel is not needed to persuade people to standardize their points of view or to persist in their established beliefs. The established point of view becomes established by satisfying some real or assumed human need.”
Edward L. Bernays, Crystallizing Public Opinion

My stuff really is different, but most people’s paradigms keep them from being able to recornize this. I am not saying these people are stupid. It has nothing to do with that. It has to do with embodiment, the crux of the problem. While I can’t have you think your way into a different paradigm, I can only inspire you to take up measures to shift your own paradigm.

“might easily vote for the wrong man or want the wrong thing: so they had to be guided from above. It’s enlightened despotism in a sense. You can tap into their deepest desires or their deepest fears and use that to your own purposes.”

System of limitations (not only spiritual), energy is never lost (where is it going?, it can be transferred). Not just limitation of perspective, limitation of growth. There are great people describing the Matrix up to a quantum physics level. But this is no solution, we will never crack the Matrix like this. One central thing is the understanding of God. And then we need to actually do it, not just talk about it.

Now, there are many definitions of what the Matrix is and several ideas on how to transcend it, all these ideas have in common that some kind of spiritual evolution is called for. However, what this spiritual evolution needs to look like, is a hot topic of debate. In general terms, most people call for a return to God, whether they come from a traditional religious background like Christianity or whether they come from a (Neo) Gnostic perspective in which God’s usurper, the Demiurge, needs to be deposed for God’s order to return.

While I will go into much detail on what I think the Matrix actually is and why it exists later, I find it necessary to be very clear up front that in my view, God is not a ticket out of the Matrix. In my opinion, transcending the Matrix means to understand that there is no natural spiritual hierarchy whatsoever and that all beings with a soul are indeed created equal. Therefore, the soul is not just an interphase and subdivision of this one entity people often call God. Souls are not created by God and there is no hierarchy between them. While most creational myths state that duality and later trinity come from God, I will say that we are sovereign and infinite souls playing with each other in the physical matter. There may very well be one soul who created this particular playground we are currently residing in. There may also very well be another soul who created an undertheme of that reality that is also influencing our current reality – so I am not an atheist. However, these beings are completely irrelevant for our individual evolution. They do not deserve our worship (although one of them wants it). In other words: every single one of us is “the one” from which all things come, which is not to be confounded with the idea that we should all become Gods. The term God, of course, is a matter of interpretation. To me, God is entitled to worship and likes to see himself on top of a hierarchy that he commands. Gods want power over others and demand some sort of tribute. I don’t have any aspirations to become a God.

A big part of what I do hast to do with the differentiation between the laws of organic nature and the laws of the artificial universe.

One line of thought when it comes to the transcendence of the Matrix is Ascension, the other path is Transhumanism. Both promote an increase of consciousness as spiritual evolution as well as the idea that the material body is a hindrance to spiritual evolution. In Transhumanism, the body is taken over by machines, in ascension, it is either left behind or transformed into an etheric body. Both approaches have little regard for organic life.

This is were I degress. I believe that organic life is essential for the transcendence of the Matrix. That the original plan, so to say, is for our soul to inhabit an organic body that also includes various other aspects or dimensions as a vessel for the soul to embody. In a nutshell, I believe freedom of the Matrix to be the incarnation of our sovereign soul into our original organic human bodies, although I believe that currently, we do not inhabit original human bodies (which is part of the problem).

„Einen guten Journalisten erkennt man daran, dass er sich nicht gemein macht mit einer Sache, auch nicht mit einer guten Sache; dass er überall dabei ist, aber nirgendwo dazugehört.

Hanns Joachim Friedrichs, mehr kommentar

This website is meant to serve a threefold purpose:

First, I want to give away as much of what I believe to be absolutely unique information about how the Matrix works and what is needed to transcend it beyond taking the path of Ascension or Transhumanism.

Second, as an experienced independent researcher, integral naturopathic practitioner, and therapist, I have designed self-help and online tools to facilitate your reclamation of what I call the organic universe, the original material polarity that was designed for our infinite souls to play with intentional creation.

Third, I will offer you the opportunity to work with me in personal Coaching sessions and webinars.

So let me tell you a little bit about my personal quest…

I know about myself that I came here to become a true mistress of my reality through gaining full autonomy over my physical, emotional, mental and spiritual dimensions.

The material world and polarity have always been devised as a playground for our spiritual bodies to learn new skills, especially how to wield power between spirit and matter, also called reality management.

However, the rules of the game have been changed by one entity (or a collection of entities) that did not want to play by the rules, but rather changed them for its sole benefit. It created its own two poles of false light and false shadow and set out to make its fellow souls its servants – duality as we now know it was born.








It was simply too afraid to look its shadow square in the face and do what needs to be done in order to discover that true power is the one over oneself and not over others. Up to this day, this entity/collective depends on my and your energy and creative power to survive, pay off its willing helpers, and uphold the distorted reality construct it created. It tricked us into believing that we are powerless little creatures unworthy of shaping our own destiny.





The question is: What does that all mean for me and you?





The answer to that question is a matter of perspective. You could choose to believe that all of this is not happening. You could make yourself a victim and lament the fact that an egotistic and very powerful being or collective is taking advantage of you. Or you could see this as a unique opportunity to take your own skills up a notch while you do not only learn how to manage reality but also to transcend the adverse construct of the Matrix.





Personally, I am convinced that all the adversity can be a powerful catalyzer to help us humans to metamorphize into something completely new, to bring us to the next step of our evolution.



This metamorphosis has a lot to do with the merger of infinite creational power within an individual self. An individual self that is not an emanation or differentiation of a primordial being commonly called God or Source. Therefore, I am challenging a belief upon which all our myths, history, religion and physics draw upon. There are only a very select few people who share my conviction that there is not one original source (soul) from which we all descent, but that we all are our individual sources producing our individual emanations and differentiation that we invite other souls to participate in without any hierarchical power structure or energetic debt. In my view, the idea of a hierarchical power structure that includes an increasing energy debt for all emanations and differentiations below “the one” is what makes out the core narrative of the Matrix. In that respect, I am a true heretic not only in terms of religious doctrine but also in much of the interpretation of traditional mythology, alchemy, and some interpretations of quantum physics which all seem to corroborate that we descent from “the one”. A notion that I will challenge repeatedly on this website because it simply doesn’t match my own experience. Truly taking control of my own life and deferring to the one have proven to be mutually exclusive time and again. And the systematic steps that I have taken to claim my own sovereignty have proven consistent with my observations of Natural Lore, which is how I prefer to call what others call natural law.



However, nobody said that breaking free from the Matrix was going to be easy. In fact, becoming autonomous in every way is probably the most challenging and sometimes painful thing one could ever do. After all, there is a reason why the narrative of the Matrix has worked so far.





There are no role models, no instructions, no guides, no guarantees. Just hints and us, we humans. Adversaries are called that name for a reason. It is their job to challenge us. And they do have eons of advance on information and how to distort it. Bringing all the pieces of information together seems to be part of the challenge.





Nevertheless, we are the ones we have been waiting for. Anybody who still believes in being saved, no matter by whom: mommy, daddy, aliens, ascended masters or God itself, walked into the trap leading straight out of autonomy and into dependency. I will call this the path to becoming a God.



Been there, done that.

Like many others, I have always suspected that something in our reality wasn’t adding up. At first, I thought that there was something wrong with me. But eventually, I realized what was going on and why.



In the end, it is a battle about energy and the power of creation. This battle manifests in every aspect of our reality. All emotional and mental distortions are connected to it. Reality needed to be made very, very complicated so nobody would actually realize what was going on. Deceptions, systems of control, booby traps within our own bodies and especially the big mystery of the divine needed to be created and spun into our history over time and space.


I am collecting evidence, but I am not out here to prove anything. In the end, results will always speak for themselves, as will nature. My personal measuring bar is this: is it creating more function of the whole or less? Not whether it is moral, feels good, should be like this etc.


Question of God: Personally, I find it relatively irrelevant, whether God exists and what the nature of god is. I do have opinions about it, but in the end, it is more important who you are. It is mor about your relationship to God: how you see yourself relative to God. When I say “more”, I mean it. In the end, it is only about you. Gods and the relationship to it are important in certain levels of development.


In the end, God is only responsible for a certain set of rules, neither benevolent nor malevolent, and not at all reductionistic. It is about your eternal nature in relationship to those rules. This means that there is your eternal nature that has little to do with God and the universe (material and immaterial) that has everything to do with God and your relationship with it.


How my quest may facilitate your own


In this life, I have the honor to call a trait my own that comes in very handy on the quest to transcend the Matrix. I can dig deep into very complex matters, cross reference what I find within many areas of expertise, and find the unifying pattern. This is how I separate the lies from Natural Lore.

Natural Lore is what scientific law claims to be: a rule “that is directly or indirectly based on empirical evidence. It is generally understood that they implicitly reflect, though they do not explicitly assert, causal relationships fundamental to reality, and are discovered rather than invented”.[2]

But how did I get to know so much about this particular topic? Well, I am convinced that I have been involved with the creation of the Matrix myself a long time ago.

My contribution: The deliberate mutation/degeneration of the physical body as a vessel for heart-soul-essence embodiment, especially in its power to mature into an appropriate organic vessel for the true male/female polarity. Yes, I also helped to create the current distortion of the male/female polarity and the discord between these two poles (repulsion instead of attraction). I am now here to claim responsibility for my own creations and to end a cycle of incarnations on Earth in which I have made myself take a good sip of the poison I created.

I do not claim to be the owner of the truth or to be all-knowing. And I am certainly not out to convince anybody who doesn’t resonate with what I am saying. I am simply on a quest to make sense of my own life. And as a practical person, I would have liked to have information about self-empowering tools when I started out on my journey to heal the distortions of the Matrix within myself so that my reality, too, could change.

And taking the advice of an author who was asked for writing advice: “You always need to write the book you would have wanted to read”.

So I am offering you information that helped me to break free from the false light/false shadow paradigm and that is still supporting me on my way to spiritual autonomy. Healing is the flip side of this process.

Having been trained as a naturopath and trauma therapist, I discovered that naturopathic or holistic healing modalities are mostly a random assortment of advice that may help us to better function within the status quo – one of the custom traits I have come to attribute to the false light paradigm– but never to give us the real keys that let us become autonomous enough to challenge our self proclaimed masters.

The method that I developed to transcend the Matrix is much more than a wholistic practice – it brings about a change of paradigm if one is truly invested in becoming autonomous on all levels and dimensions. It draws on many fields of expertise and has been practically proven over the last 15 years. The whole process is divided into a sequence of steps that can help you reclaim and rebuild your organic physical body as well as your subtle bodies, which is necessary if you would like to finally embody your soul. I believe that the embodiment of our subtle bodies, as well as the embodiment of our soul, are absolutely crucial if intentional creation and power over matter are what you desire. Therefore, our physical body needs to be an able vessel of embodiment, which is where the problem starts, in my experience. In the natural order, the physical body adapts to the rules that characterize what the organic universe is about upon incarnation: energy and polarity. In the Matrix, the body is kept in a state of chaos and disintegration so it can’t evolve and mature into spiritual autonomy, which is the prerequisite for power over oneself and over matter (intentional creation). In other words: the unity of body, mind, and soul is more fantasy than reality for humans.

This was certainly true for me before I actively started working on this integration. And to be honest, I have not met anybody so far who has either been able to provide me with a practical roadmap or with a living example of how to effectively transcend the Matrix in the most coherent and effective way possible. My explanation for this is that nobody has been called to examine the system of the body, mind, and soul unit to the point of discovering the beautiful and coherent pattern of organic evolution. While I know a select few people doing great work when it comes to the reclamation of the organic universe, their duties often lie elsewhere (with exopolitics or social activism, for example). Also –let’s be honest– there are not that many of us yet. The path of Ascension or Transhumanism holds an appeal over quite a few people in the process of awakening (I will write extensively about why this is so in my opinion).

What sets the path back into the organic universe apart from Ascension and Transhumanism is that first, we are not fighting or belittling our humanity. In fact, we are welcoming it because we know that our human body is necessary for true spiritual development. Second, by allowing ourselves to evolve according to our organic natures, we will automatically transcend the Matrix. We don’t need to fight it anymore. In fact, fighting an external enemy, in whichever way, shape, or form (the Illuminati, alien faction, religious order, political tyrant du jour, your unloving parents, partner, or even pathogens in your body) are a fail-safe way to proclaim and create your lack of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual autonomy. Autonomy, by definition, requires power over self. If you give away power to whoever or whatever, autonomy will always delude you.

Working through all mechanisms through which you give away power and energy (on all levels, including the body) is the most important step if you want to transcend the Matrix without taking the path of Ascension or Transhumanism. Because giving away power will also mean that you depend on external power and energy as well in order not to die. Natural Lore (the undistorted Natural Law) is that simple: if you can’t establish balance within yourself, you will die. Either quickly or slowly, if your body-mind-unit has a decent instinct of energy preservation (survival state). Therefore, before we actually learn to self-regulate, we are dependant on our next input of energy, opinion, external nurturing etc. if we don’t want to die. From there, there is only a very small step from taking what we need in order to survive. There, I said it. In my opinion, our refusal to claim responsibility for our own regulation is the main reason the Matrix and its consumeristic and parasitic system exists in the first place. So no, it is not them. It is us. Until we are prepared to do what we need to do to self-regulate, which is another word for autonomy.

Self-regulation is not a random act. It is the result of organic evolution. The first step in self-regulation is emotional maturity. My program that I called Integral Evolution is a systematic approach to help you get there. It is designed to integrate the physical body with the etheric and astral body, through the regulation of the mitochondria, the nervous system, the psyche, the hormonal system, and the immune system. This regulation will then invite the etheric and astral body to incarnate, which gives you control over them. Integral Evolution is also suitable to help you bring about true self-healing that goes way beyond symptomatic cure (which is what most naturopathic methods still do in my opinion, no matter what claims they make). But it is also a way to prepare your body for intentional creatorship through the incarnation and embodiment of your unique and infinite soul. Again, we can see that Natural Lore is simple and coherent: spiritual evolution equals healing and healing equals spiritual maturity and intentional creatorship. Health problems are not just your body trying to talk to you, they are also a symbol of self-sabotage and lack of power.

Once basic self-regulation in form of emotional maturity is achieved, we can start to reclaim our original superintelligence through the incarnation of our original version of the mental body (hint: it is NOT consciousness). The cool thing about our superintelligence is that it can be willingly programmed by us (no, not all mind control is bad). It builds an interface between our etheric soul and our physical body. In order to do so, it gets to have managerial autonomy inside our bodies. It can tell us about things that are not going so well, but it can also be told to take care of issues by itself. No artificial intelligence will ever be able to do this as well as our superintelligence. After all, it is just a stale copy of the original meant to lure us out of our bodies.

I am currently working on ways to make this step more accessible and easy for the ones that are ready to go this next step. Expect a webinar about this some time soon.

And then, finally, the time has come to explore polarity as it was meant to be. In this, we are called to explore our unique form of creative identity in the male and female polarity. Because polarity brings about charge. And charge enables the harvest and flow of energy. And energy is what all of this is about. To me, one of the best incentives that the organic universe had to make me incarnate in it is the benefits package that comes with a charged polarity: excitement, creativity, magnetism, vitality, aliveness and of course, and passionate relationship between the male and female pole. So yes, organic and integral evolution will also change your relationship with sexual energy, the relationship between males and females which is what bliss is another very poor substitute for.


This is not a whistle blower page. It is a page about a practical way to evolve into a spiritually autonomous being, which requires physical, emotional and mental autonomy first (in that order).

When things like

  • You have always been here, just connect to the soul – part of the truth
  • Reconnect to your heart – one step that you shouldn’t stay stuck in
  • Trust yourself – because you don’t know HOW
  • Trust the process – is not enough
  • Give attention to the future you actually want- doesn’t work because nobody told you that your thoughts need ENERGY behind them and how the law of repulsion works
  • We have to empower ourselves and evolve as humanity-instead of actually presenting solutions and doing it, we need to raise your consciousness just isn’t enough
  • People who say that we need to empower ourselves and if you look closely, they are wating for some God or Alien to keep them safe

Shortly, nobody told you about the RULES other than “as above, so below”.


don’t give you what you need.


What I take for granted:

  • aliens
  • Reincarnation
  • Matrix
  • Natural law vs. Natural Lore
  • Karma
  • Reincarnation
  • Interplanetary souls
  • Time Travel/Interconnectivity of time
  • Astral Travel/Telepathy
  • Mind Control
  • Former Civilizations have failed, that includes high cultures like Atlantis, Egypt, and native Peoples.
  • That activation of sacred geometry, the pineal gland (DMT)  and the chakra system is a way into the Matrix and not out
  • Higher or lower vibrations or emotions, service to self/others

If you want to transcend the Matrix, you need to let go the entertainment and make this about you. In the end it doesn’t matter which government is plotting what, which alien is doing what. It is about you being willing to get real about what you need to do, we all need to do to steer the world in the direction that we actually want. Yes, some info is needed. But the deed is to do. Info is not all equal and info is confused with solutions and actions.

Let’s talk about the Roadmap

The first milestone of the roadmap to organic reality is the Integral Evolution program.

The Integral Evolution program is facilitated by my practice team.

In order to fully dedicate my time to the exploration and facilitation of the later stages of embodiment and the male/female polarity, I decided not to personally work in my practice for Integral Evolution any longer.

I will take over as soon as you are ready to reclaim your original mental body. And I am here if you need me for a “Pig Picture Conversation” any time in which we can connect over a shared life-path back to the organic universe.

I may offer an evolutionary check-up soon as well.

There is also a one-on-one polarity mentoring program. I will generally make it a requirement for people interested to complete the Integral Evolution program first and then learn to reclaim their superintelligence. There will also be some more specific requirements.

You can find more about my offerings here.

I am still transitioning out of some old obligations so that I can fully dedicate my time to this new project. It will include some online products that are a budget-friendly way to start the integration of body, mind and soul. These products already exist, but they will have to be translated into English. There is likely going to be a podcast.

Finally, I will give you free tools to experiment with in my free Member’s Area. There, you will not only find self-help tools, but also some stuff that I am only comfortable to share with a smaller audience.


Lovechild between Integral Theory (personal and collective), George Kavassilas and David Deida. In the end, a beneficial experience of Eros. 

Still unsure? You have come to the right place if…

You resonate with the following statements:

  • There is a Matrix controlled by a false light/false shadow paradigm designed to trick us into submission and to steal our creative and vital energy. While there are many definitions of what the Matrix actually is and who manipulates it, I follow a very specific definition of the Matrix that I share with George Kavassilas (as summarized in his book: Our universal Journey)
  • My conclusion about why and how the Matrix exists is that it has been brought about by beings who have not reached emotional and spiritual autonomy and are therefore looking for power outside themselves which forces them to gain power over others.
  • However, the people who want to see the Matrix finished are not a victim of the circumstances. The Matrix exists because we have allowed it to – until now. 
  • The Matrix will always continue to exist if we do not become autonomous on all levels
  • The only way to overcome the Matrix is to work on autonomy from scratch: from physical to spiritual – as human evolution requires
  • True spiritual autonomy requires the full embodiment of the soul.
  • Even people who are spiritually evolved can often not become spiritually autonomous, because they lack physical, emotional, and sometimes mental autonomy that are needed for the embodiment of the soul.
  • The two most important cornerstones for soul embodiment are emotional maturity and the ability to hold polarity.
  • Once we reach spiritual autonomy and our soul is fully incarnate, the Matrix ceases to exist because we no longer feed it with our energy and creative power, which is the only thing keeping up the structure of the Matrix. 

What this Website is NOT about

This is not a whistleblower site in which I disclose that a matrix exists. I will talk about why and how it exists. The ultimate purpose of this website is to educate and teach people who resonate with my understanding of the Matrix about ways to transcend it.

Anybody who wants to work towards a specific outcome will be confronted with the fact that his or her other choices of perspective and action will automatically be limited. When the goal is to transcend the Matrix while reclaiming one’s own spiritual autonomy, beliefs and actions will have to be congruent with this goal. I have already written about my views on how only a multi-level approach that integrates all levels of evolution can result in complete soul-embodiment.

I will now write about topics that are obstacles to Integral Evolution on all levels from my experience, and therefore not congruent with my teachings: 

A deity or true God that needs to win over the devil or demiurge, Good vs. Evil, us against them

The term false light is often used in the context of old and Neo-Gnosticism in order to describe a dichotomy in which the Demiurge, God’s adversary, poses as the one true God of creation. From this perspective, the Demiurge pretends to be good but seduces men away from the true light. While I do agree that there is a creator of the universe, it has neither created my soul nor does it deserve any reverence apart from the one that any being deserves. Therefore, the creator of the universe is not the good God that I’d rather pray to than to fall for the Demiurge’s lies. I find that in neo-Gnosticism, the power is still given away to an external enemy that needs to be fought so that the real and true God can win. From my perspective, all that I have read about Gnosticism so far reiterates the battle of good vs. evil, which I find to be a characteristic of the Matrix itself. As long as a battle against an external enemy as well as any spiritual hierarchy is promoted, I do not see the difference between the God/Devil dichotomy that is promoted by the Abrahamic religions, among others.

How to become a God

To me, the very definition of a God encompasses the need for adoration, reverence, and submission. Psychologically speaking, these are narcissistic traits that speak of a being that is far from being emotionally mature. I have no aspirations to become a God myself. Nor do I want to reclaim my divine or sacred feminine or masculine. Any allusion to the divine just doesn’t sit well with me. I find it unnecessary. I prefer the term natural or organic when it comes to the description of where I want to go. I won’t even interpret words like Christ consciousness anew in order to make what I am perceiving fit into the perspective of what most people know if I don’t have to. Words can be charged with a particular meaning, which is why I avoid terminology that is shared by the New Age as much as possible, although sometimes it isn’t possible without having to go to lengthy explanations that would make things even more complex than they already are. 

Source, Spirit or the Universe as a substitute for a personal deity

Some people prefer to pray to Source, Spirit, or the Universe. It is the idea of externalizing power to anybody that doesn’t agree with my teachings. In my opinion and personal experience, our soul and other etheric parts of us provide everything we will ever need in terms of information, energy or else that is usually asked for in prayers. 

A savior in any way, shape or form. That includes angels, aliens and ascended masters and any prayer to external forces.

We are the ones we have been waiting for. Reaching autonomy and being saved exclude each other mutually. Saviors can have many faces, and autonomy means to confront and to transcend all types of saviors, including the Galactic Federation of Light, Friendly alien factions, your soul family, your parents, your partner, the partner you wished you had, any politician, factions of the government, secret societies, technology or information. Basically anything can be instrumentalized into being a savior, including me. I am not here to save you or anybody else for that matter. 

Spiritual hierarchies or Religion in any way, shape or form, including Theosophy, (Neu) Gnosticism, Shamanism or New Age

While I study many facets of religion or religious teachings in order to understand the Matrix, I do not promote any of these teachings in their pure form. To this day, I have not encountered one belief system that truly promotes spiritual freedom and autonomy. That also includes traditional religions that may or may not include information about the Organic Universe. However, information about the Organic Universe is fragmented and spread across many teachings and religious beliefs, but rarely in its pure form, or free from disinformation and contamination by beliefs that serve the beneficiaries of the Matrix. 

Gurus, whether old (like Osho) or new (alive)

Gurus are there to tell you what to believe and do, keep information from you until you are ready, and guide you. I will neither do nor promote such things. I do offer techniques that I have found helpful. But it is absolutely up to you to question or implement them. I will not take responsibility for your decisions or your journey. While Natural Lore does require steps to be performed in a particular evolutionary order, it is part of your evolutionary process to recognize when you are individually ready to take the next step. Facilitators may be there to help you through the process. But they will never intentionally keep you in the dark just to exert power over you. While many people have not understood the necessity of order in their lives, guruism takes away their opportunity to learn through their own wisdom or mistakes. People who participate in my programs do so based on informed consent. These programs do not work through blind following, but through earnest work on oneself. I will not (literally) lose my energy with people who are not really interested in my work. They may find a better match elsewhere. 


I do not get information through channelings or any other technique through which an entity is allowed deliberate access to my body-mind unit for purposes of communication. I refuse communication with an entity that insists on these kinds of intrusions. I do occasionally talk to other entities if they respect my sovereignty and ask politely. However, it is mostly them wanting to satisfy their curiosity, not the other way around. I only seek out entities if they are bothering me. I do not rely on information that I have obtained from anybody than myself. Since I have removed my chakras, I do not see with the third eye any longer. I can still receive visual etheric or remote information, but they do need to be connected to a grounded whole-body experience. In terms of advice, only my own soul and higher self will do, or information that resonates with these parts of me. Also, information to me is only as good as it is verifiable in a practical way. I will only take it seriously if it is congruent with my experience so far and actually offers an addition to what I have already experienced as being true.

I largely get my knowledge through introspection, etheric travel, astral projection, and synchronicities. When I am on to something, that I have gotten through “googling in the ether”, I will likely get some more evidence about what I have seen or experienced through people, research, documents, movies, books, etc., that I bump into without actively looking for it a short while later (mostly within days). Since I am always researching many parallel threads, I will often find information about something else I was looking for while looking into a particular other subject. Etheric and astral travel have always come to me naturally, I never learned how to do it. In fact, it took me a while to understand that some of the information I get comes from my natural connection to the etheric and astral worlds. I don’t have to go into trance to have this access, although it helps with the details. It is also easy for me to go into trance. I do not need any rituals, accessories, or hallucinogenic substances to do so. I strongly oppose the usage of hallucinogenic substances in any case. In my experience, it makes people more susceptible to etheric attacks and manipulations of any kind, since they are giving away their power to a substance outside of themselves. To make a big deal of etheric and astral travel is another smoke and mirror technique of the Matrix. Anyone can learn to access the metaphysical world. People just don’t recognize their experiences for what they are and most of all, they do not trust their own perceptions. As with all other things, practice makes perfect. Of course, some epigenetic heritage may facilitate psychic experiences for some, as in my case. 

Tantra, Polyamory or Kundalini

These days, Tantra has become an umbrella term for spiritual sexuality. Most often, Tantra is just used as another way to achieve consciousness or to commune with the divine while shooting up Kundalini energy to feed the spiritual hierarchies. Also, the withholding of semen except in procreation doesn’t feel natural to me if there is no ejaculation at other times. I am also not convinced that non-tantric sex needs to lead to an energy loss, once both partners have mastered the principle of mutuality (that requires emotional maturity), which may not be the case for many people who are sexually active.

Polyamory is often promoted within the context of tantric sex or other spiritual circles. I see polyamory as teenage behavior that may be appropriate for some people before they reach emotional maturity in their early twenties. The idea of commitment is tightly connected to the idea of mutuality and the understanding that one always has to give in order to receive (no free gratification). And that relationships may take some work until love and passion can flow freely. To me, polyamory is also a representation of a fragmented ego personality that can’t stick up for itself enough to find satisfaction with another whole and integrated self. It often mirrors the age-old conflict of the “holy and the whore” in which (not only men) have one or more parent-like partners to take care of them and their children and one or more partners to satisfy their lust. 

Holy Geometry or other teachings promoted by secret societies

In my experience, structures held in place by holy geometry are dead structures that need to be fueled by external energy, ours, in the case of the Matrix. I believe that the platonic bodies are representations of the original four elements that have been adapted to suit the spiritual hierarchies. That is also true for other teachings that have been used by secret societies for ages, including rituals, symbols, etc. Of course, we all use symbols for communication and to visualize certain aspects of space. However, I don’t want any symbol stuck in my aura or etheric bodies. Organic nature is not geometric. Non-geometry is one of the characteristics of life, that makes holy geometry feel dead to me. 

Enlightenment or the expansion of consciousness including the techniques that have been designed to promote it, such as yoga, hallucinogenic drugs, meditation etc.

To me, enlightenment corresponds to the ability to take part in all the realms of the Matrix. In a sense, to partake in God’s glory. Biochemical bliss included. Not only is enlightenment a purely mental state that, by definition (or at least current practice), excludes our gut and our hearts and is therefore vastly overrated. I have come to the conclusion that the version of consciousness that we are offered through enlightenment, ascension, etc. is but a shadow of our natural and organic evolved intelligence. I do believe that humans are not only capable of much more awareness, but also of awareness of a kind that supports organic evolution and does not hinder it. I believe this form of superintelligence to be connected to our higher selves. While it is obviously possible to explore the realms of the Matrix (whether divine or other) with the expansion of consciousness, I have no interest in getting to know my cage so much better except for research purposes. However, there are ways to explore without disconnecting from one’s body. It is my understanding that we are all being entrained to the field of consciousness in order to accept its curated reality as the only one. I believe that all methods that are promoted to expand consciousness are detrimental to organic and natural evolution (and even health) that needs to integrate body, mind, and soul. That includes yoga and meditation, although, nowadays many things are called these two things that have nothing to do with the expansion of consciousness, of course. However, I have found that the vastly promoted “stilling of the mind” is rather a form of bypassing valuable information. After all, the mind does not chatter for nothing. I prefer to take care of what the mind is saying than to shut it up. Especially when traumatic dissociation is involved, I find that kind of disconnection from the body highly inadvisable and the opposite of an integrating practice. The same goes for ANY hallucinogenic drug use. In years of experience, I have also noticed that drugs will literally entrain the body and brain to crave consciousness by suggesting that there is an easy way out of life’s pain. In other words, people who take drugs will have difficulties to go back to the original source of the problem (mostly frustrated symbiotic pain), because the drugs will block access to it. Drugs may give people who want to explore other realms some insight, but it is mostly biased and never for nothing. Plants have consciousness as well. And in the universe, nothing is for free. The question is whether there is informed consent and mutuality or parasitism. I am not the only person who says that drugs are connected to parasitic entities. Long story short, taking drugs (even just occasionally) is to give away power, in my opinion. I will not work with anybody taking drugs before they stop taking them AND before I have not detoxed the drug information out of their body. Receptors are often blocked for years after the last drug consumption. 

The idea that the body needs to be transcended

Ascension and Transhumanism convey the idea that there is something wrong with being human. I do agree that there is something wrong with our human body at the moment. But the solution is not to get rid of it but to finally listen to what it is trying to tell us. Without the body, there is no integrated organic evolution. Without integrated evolution, the body becomes dysfunctional and a source of pain. I can say from my own experience that it took me a long time to accept that my body is my friend. And I don’t know anybody who is really friends with his body (and not just theoretically) before working on the deepest pain known to man: the survival terror and fear of being abandoned that a frustrated symbiosis brings about. However, we have all been entrained to compensate for this pain instead of looking and resolving it. And we have been tricked to believe that the body is the source of all evil and of all our pain. Self-destruction is the program most people are running, that means destruction and hatred of the body since the soul can’t be destroyed anyway. The body is a wonderfully adaptive vessel if we let it evolve the way it was meant to evolve. It is there to give us pleasure and to help us connect to physical reality while channeling our creative power and intention. On a side note, some people still seem to think that “negative” emotions like rage need to be transcended. Others are afraid that they will feed demons with them. While emotions are what they are, no matter which ones, being stuck in old suppressed emotions will not allow the individual to overcome emotional immaturity. Emotional immaturity facilitates the disposition to give away energy. Which then feeds the Matrix. All emotions are important. It is what we do with them that counts. 

The chakras or the 3rd eye vision

I am convinced that the chakras are not a part of our original etheric bodies (as opposed to our meridians), but an instrument of imposition meant to control and steal our energy. I have removed my chakra system and I am very happy with this decision. 

I never liked chakras in the first place, but reluctantly started working with the concept since I thought that it must be me. Although I already had knowledge about a past life in which I saw myself having chakras installed into my etheric body in a painful and abusive way in some stone age scenario – entrainment, as it is today, allows for a LOT of inconsistencies before people start looking for congruencies, unfortunately. I always hated any breathing technique meant to activate or clear the chakras and even worse, pull up the Kundalini energy. But the idea that there could be a reason for my discomfort matured only slowly. When someone mentioned the idea that chakras can be removed it clicked and I jumped at the first opportunity to get rid of them. If you are interested in removing your chakras, but haven’t, check out George Kavassilas’s workshop “Transcending the God Matrix“. 

The attainment of free gratification through emotional co-dependence, bliss or spiritual bypassing

The New Age religion as well as our frustrated symbiotic needs tell us that we deserve free gratification, abundance just because. A land in which milk and honey flow without us doing anything to get it. This idea is behind the concept of paradise, heaven, or any other rewarding afterlife, of course. It is basically the central promise of Ascension. Purify yourself and you will ascend and never have to worry about a thing anymore. You will be fed and given everything you need. No matter what you are willing to give… But energy doesn’t work that way. Energy needs to be in a flow. If you get something you need to give something, except if you are a child. This is the only time in a person’s life in which everything the child gets is free (or should be free). If the heart gets fed with love and its other needs properly, mutuality will automatically evolve. Mutuality is the idea that there always will have to be balance. True power over oneself requires the understanding of that principle. Otherwise, one will always either lose power or have to steal it from others. The ideal is to get what you give. Abundance is still very much part of this equation, however, it is earned through the ability to self-regulate internally by not losing more energy than one gives and vice-versa. Only then we will be able to create intentionally. As human beings, the requirements of matter (human needs) will always be part of the equation. Whether we will once be able to channel organic energy as much as we want without having to resort to consumerism in any way, I do not know. What I am absolutely sure of, however, is that free gratification will never be part of the deal. Co-creation between equal individuals, most notably the male-female polarity, can never work within the concept of free gratification. The one-sided flow of energy is simply not congruent with the fact that an energy charge needs to flow between two poles not to get lost. 

Black Magic or even White Magic, shortly, all techniques that rely on external power or an unclear source of power, such as Reiki

In a concept in which energy and creative power are funneled up to the top of the pecking order, whether it is a worldly or spiritual hierarchy, participation and decisions over one’s own life are difficult concepts, to begin with. There are basically two ways to deal with that problem. One is through loyalty and reward, the other one is through bartering with the system until one gets the opportunity to ascend in the pecking order.

The first way is the promise of religions, but also how the Roman Empire expanded through “divide et impera” (divide and rule). First submission, then reward. White magic is another good example of being rewarded with the grace of a being or entity that grants us a wish for loyalty. The false light also operates on that principle. One can compare it to protection money (money=energy). If you pay regularly, the Mafiosi may show himself to be generous every once in a while. He will even protect you from his rivals. Miracles capitalize on that principle to keep the followers of the religion or cult faithful.

Black Magicians more openly form alliances with someone higher in the pecking order. Their aim is to usurp the entity at the top and become all-powerful themselves. Black Magicians don’t just wait to be rewarded with energy from above. They do not hesitate to get it from anyone, especially entities that they perceive to be below them in the pecking order.

Both, black and white magicians (and all people caught in the false light paradigm) can be rewarded if they help promote the entity at the top, especially, if this increases the energy yield for the top of the pecking order. This can turn into an effective system of provisions for the lower echelons, resulting in better health, more wealth, or a better love life. That again serves as an incentive for new followers who learn that loyalty will bring them rewards. However, the net energy result for the lower echelons will always be negative. The lower, the worse the proportion of give and take for the entity concerned.

There are more indirect ways for this principle of energy allocation to work. Reiki is a good example in which people believe that they are getting free energy, but in the end, they have sold their sovereignty in the process. They lose more energy than they give. And they sign over their energetic boundaries through initiation, too. 


I, like so many other people who are spiritually inclined, fell for the lightworker love and light paradigm in my early days of Matrix disillusionment. From an evolutionary perspective, it makes sense to want to “fight” the darkness outside of oneself when spiritual evolution is one-sided and not integrated. Lightworking is heavily connected with saving humanity as well, which I won’t do because it is patronizing. People have the right to choose their own path. Even if I think it won’t serve their evolution much. 


Veganism seems to be the obvious choice when the goal is to transcend the consumeristic system of the Matrix. However, it is not as simple as that. First, transcending something by not doing or avoiding it doesn’t work. It is just avoidance. By incarnating into the Matrix we agree to certain fine print of our incarnational contract. It includes the consumption of another being if our own body is to survive. I see plants, bacteria, fungi, and rocks as beings as well – so why is it ok to eat them? In other words, as long as the Matrix exists, we can’t shed our parasitic nature completely. I am now personally convinced that accepting who we are at the moment is an important step to actually overcome this principle in the future. I have learned to trust biology above any ideas that the brain may have. In my decade as a specialist in natural hormonal health, I have never seen a vegan become or stay healthy. Regular test results may come back normal, but I never rely on these anyway. At this point in our collective evolution, I don’t think it is possible to harvest enough energy through our mitochondria without eating meat regularly. Therefore, I have not treated vegans for a while now and will not work with them in a therapeutic context otherwise. Eating meat furthers embodiment and it confronts us with our own nature. Not eating meat makes people more etheric and androgynous and it is hard for them to connect and to accept their own pain in my experience. Ideal circumstance for Ascension, but not polarization. 

A political dichotomy like Socialism or Communism vs. conservatism or Nazi ideologies

I am convinced that all political labels are just different names for totalitarianism. While I know about different factions identifying with some additional dogma, like the Nazis and their Arian obsession, it is all the same in the end. The so-called right over emphasizes the difference in society and the so-called left over emphasizes the common ground. Neither accepts individuality between equals. Community-based local democracy could offer a truly liberal solution (you can do everything as long as you are not harming anybody else) IF it is run by actual grown-ups who can make rational decisions based on emotional maturity. Until then, any talk about politics is just semantics, in my opinion. Politics are especially susceptible to the Matrix principle of division, in which you create a problem, elicit a reaction, and then offer a solution. Therefore, two clashing ideological systems are an ideal stage to upkeep the drama and to produce a narrative. 

Victim mentality

While it is normal to feel betrayed, shocked, and scared at the moment in which one discovers that harm has been inflicted upon us, it is extremely important not to get stuck in a victim mentality. That is true with every bad thing that ever happened to us, no matter if you feel that you have been born into the wrong family, have been mind-controlled, sexually abused, or else. The only way to overcome any experience is to claim responsibility for it. That means to acknowledge that nothing happens without our consent on a soul level. And equally important, one needs to truly work through the pain, the survival terror, the rage on an emotional level and not just in our heads. Victim mentality mutually excludes personal power and autonomy. 

A simplistic view of Nature

I often find that nature is promoted as some sort of solution. And while I agree that the human body fares much better without electricity, wi-fi, cell towers, pesticides, industrial noise, and artificial light, human evolution wasn’t doing so great 200 years ago when all these things were not an issue. Also, nature is just as much a part of the Matrix as everything else. Plants and animals can be malevolent and harmful to our human bodies, as can Schumann frequencies, energy vortexes, and cosmic radiation. The whole situation, in which the Matrix and the Organic Universe overlay will always make for compromises. It is on us to choose the better ones, but they will be compromises nevertheless until we reclaim the Organic Universe through the embodiment of our soul which will facilitate the harvest of organic energy as well. 

Heart Centeredness

Heart-centeredness has officially become some sort of ideal since the Hippies showed up, although it has been around as Agape (aka love of good) in the Christian culture for a long time. It is an ideal shared by most every spiritually interested individual, whether their goal is to ascend or not. While I agree that people need to get out of their heads, they will just walk into the next trap if they get stuck in their hearts. People who promote heart-centeredness tend toward androgyny. Heart centeredness excludes polarity by definition. It is a natural state until sexual maturity is reached. Healthy children are governed by their hearts. And the heart balances the male-female polarity within themselves and towards others when they become male and female. What I see happening is that people stop their sexual maturation when they continue to centre on their heart after the age of 14, in which emotional maturity, which includes sexual maturity, should grow. Very often, people need to establish a healthy heart balance as adults first because only then they can proceed to the maturation that would originally be appropriate for their age. There is often a phase in trauma therapy in which people need to turn toward their early childhood and their frustrated symbiotic needs. However, not transitioning out of heart-centeredness as an adult hinders autonomy and the ability to create intentionally. Creation is not the domain of the heart, but of our sexual organs. Too much heart kills sexual energy. I am pretty sure we have all made that experience at some point. But because emotionally immature people can’t handle sexual tension well (they either merge or avoid), they throw out the baby with the water and prefer to stay in a safer and more depolarized state. A healthy heart balance (self-regulation) allows us to maintain and to thrive on sexual intensity. It is this intensity that allows for a creative charge – within ourselves and with others. 

Esoteric sensationalism

I get that when people first learn about their cage, they want to know as much as possible about all aspects of it. They wonder: “how could I miss all this before?”. However, information is only the very first step to taking action. But because our culture is so entrained to live in a cerebral virtual reality, information is often mistaken for action. Being “in the know” becomes an end to itself. Instead of watching a movie, one reads the latest exonews with a delightful shudder. And then one can get angry at everything that is going wrong out there and point fingers at them. Just knowing about the Matrix does absolutely nothing in terms of transcending it. Transcending the Matrix needs to go along with a shift of paradigm, from power over others to power over self. Paradigms shift through actions, not knowledge. Knowledge is important to determine the direction of actions. But, truth be told, very little knowledge about the specifics of the Matrix is needed to transcend it. There is also very little knowledge needed about how to bring about the inner alchemy needed to transcend the Matrix. Again, the point is to channel this knowledge into congruent actions and to do what needs to be done. Depending on one’s life path, more specific information may be important. Therefore, the specifics of galactic alliances may be vital for some, but just a “who is in bed with who” sensationalism for others. This equally refers to some of what I will be saying on this website. I am trying to put out what I deem to be mostly key information relevant for anybody with a human body and who wants to reclaim the Organic Universe. But I will put out some information that will only be relevant for a few people on this path. It is on you to decide what is truly relevant for yourself and what is just another distraction from your victimhood. 

Simplistic Thinking

This website is not for the faint of heart. It is very direct and may be judged as being confrontative, opinionated, or even aggressive by some. Therefore, here comes some more information meant to help you put my work into perspective.

  • I don’t consider it my responsibility to take care of your fears, sensibilities, and sensitivities. If you get angry or scared by what I am saying, it is up to you to see it as a constructive challenge or to dismiss it altogether.
  • Since I do not need to save anybody, I do not have to offer solutions that cater to everybody. It is even quite likely that the information that I am offering may be theoretically or practically unsuitable for a majority of people.
  • All that I am saying is an expression of my personal conviction and opinion. I will only talk about things that have proven consistent within my own experience. A change of opinion is always a possibility when honest evolution takes place. However, I will not justify my current opinion because I may change it in the future. I have had people perceive my conviction as aggression. Which it is not. You are welcome to disagree. But I will not relativize my own experience in order to make you feel safe.

To me, what I have said above is part of respecting you as a responsible and mature human being.

Trying to make you feel better or to save you would make me a facilitator of what I am actually trying to change: the expectation that others need to behave in a certain way for you to feel good. 

When we are children, this manipulation of our environment is often the only chance we have to survive. But this is also why the Matrix exists in the first place, I am convinced. Therefore, I am not prepared to take up responsibility for what you feel. 

Not everybody is ready to learn how to self-regulate and grow up emotionally (even if they think they are, find more about a weak ego structure here).

Personally, I find that there is no greater freedom than in self-regulation. It opens up doors for win-win relationships, whether they are professional, social, or intimate. Self-regulation doesn’t end all pain, but it ends misery, while co-dependency upholds misery.

Therefore, I am not going to be soft on you, because I know that you can be so much more than your limitations.

While I will continue to say what resonates with me, please take away whatever resonates with you. But I will not censor myself in order not to trigger people who feel rejected or not good enough (both very potent programs of the false feminine). It has never served anyone to dim his or her own light, whichever color that might be.

You are still here?

Great! Then we probably have much in common. And I am excited to share my light with you. 

Feel free to learn more about my findings on how to transcend the Matrix finding out how it works here.

If you would like to check out possibilities to work with my practice team or me, you can go straight to here.