Human Physiology & Pathophysiology

The original human physiology has been designed for development and expansion. However, the fundamental flaw of the Matrix has trickled down into our current operating system, which was further down-tuned by technocratic sub-lords of the system.

However, I do believe that we still have everything we need to start reclaiming our original design. Information is never lost. We need to re-attune to fields of information that will show us a way to transcend the Matrix through our bodies.

Contrary to many people, I believe that our bodies are the most advanced, sophisticated, and spiritual technology available. It has the potential to surpass even the most sophisticated AI technology because it has the unique ability to endlessly integrate dimensions and perspectives.

That being said, most people have been conditioned not to step into their potential.

This fact manifests as disease and dysfunction on an individual and collective level.



Feminine Pole

The feminine pole gives the body the structure it needs to function at its best. Structure gives us the ability to change, while function is the actual impulse of change.

The structure of the body follows the patterns of the Logos at any given step of development.

It provides the material building blocks that we need for consciousness to feel at home.

Through the feminine pole, we learn to adapt to our environment and cater to our physical needs. Therefore, it corresponds with our rational side.

It helps us to seek out intimate and social relationships and to develop our individuality.

The feminine pole also stands for dependence.

Balancing Pole

The balancing pole is home to the Self, our operating system that can make our human experience so unique. The Self is a tool for the integration of matter with spirit, local and non-local aspects of ourselves, including the nesting of physical, etheric, astral, mental, sexual, and spiritual bodies.

The Self is an absolute necessity for a healthy and integrated development because it gives us the perspective to make wise choices. As an open system, it is very flexible and can accommodate all levels of development. Consciousness needs the Self as an interface with matter.

The balancing pole also stands for interdependence.

Masculine Pole

The masculine pole gives the body the ability to function at its best. It provides the impulse for change and helps our individual soul to synchronize its expansion with the Logos for its best experience in this creation.

It provides the energetic patterns that we need for consciousness to feel at home.

Through the masculine pole, we learn to develop a separate will from our environment and to shape it according to our will. We also learn to cater to our spiritual needs. Therefore, it corresponds with our mystical side.

It helps us to seek out personal fulfillment and to develop our autonomy.

The masculine pole also stands for independence.

More aspects associated with the feminine pole


  • Yin
  • Parasympathetic
  • Left brain
  • Anabolic hormones
  • Structure
  • Nutrients: Macro & Micro
  • Survival Principle

More aspects associated with the balancing pole


  • And
  • The Self and its ability to self-regulate and coordinate all cells and organs of the body
  • Steady-state equilibrium, as well as development and evolution – and the ability to know when it is time for what
  • Metabolism is the coordination between nutrition and excretion
  • The blueprint, building plan, genetic and epigenetic programming
  • The operating system that coordinates structure and function
  • Integration with the Logos, other planes, and dimensions, including the Soul
  • Sexual drive, the erotic principle that constantly thrives to integrate what is missing, which includes sexual attraction to the opposite pole or sex

More aspects associated with the masculine pole


  • Yang
  • Sympathetic
  • Right brain
  • Catabolic hormones
  • Function
  • Energetic aspects
  • Life Principle


The infinite potential of the balancing pole constantly harmonizes structure with function. It is this mechanism, that allows not only for growth but for growth that actually expands our scope of understanding and action, meaning true development in form of an upward spiral.

The masculine and feminine poles stay polarized and distinct from one another but connected at the same time.

The Self, which is closely aligned with the Logos, is progressively created with increasing individuality and autonomy.

Regeneration, creation, and creativity depend on the balancing pole. With it, catabolism and anabolism work in our favor by conserving and building what serves us, while destroying what doesn’t.

Ultimately, this should mean that sickness, age, and physical death become non-issues. The problem is, of course, that we haven’t (re)developed a Self capable of undoing the mistakes (sins) of the Fall, yet.



Perverted feminine Pole

The perverted feminine pole creates dysfunctional structures.

It does build through the anabolic principle, but in a pathological way by producing growths that we neither want (calcification, tumors) nor need to be healthy.

Function is not evenly represented in the structure of the whole organism. Some places may be overstructured, while others are unstructured. Parts become too individual to be compatible and to cooperate, while the organism as a whole lacks differentiation and specialization.

The organism stops working as a unit, fragmentation takes place, and communication pathways are dysfunctional. Dissociation and Repression are also features of this.

There is a tendency towards petrification or freezing in time, which counteracts healthy development.

Energy production might be accelerated, but energy is wasted (or invested in the wrong places) and will drive the organism into an energy debt sooner or later.

On the other hand, some parts of the organism do not receive enough energy and become sluggish, which has a detrimental effect on the whole organism first and the actual organs later. Self-renewal slows down since detoxification is slow. 

Perverted masculine Pole

The perverted masculine pole creates unstructured functions.

Catabolism prevails but doesn’t discriminate between the destruction of useful and harmful structures, which literally leads to the self-digestion of tissue (auto-immunity) and the breakdown of organs until death occurs.

The function may be heightened in some places, while it is lacking in others, which in sum, creates destruction through dysfunction.

So-called autonomous processes are a manifestation of disrespect for the hierarchical structure of command among the body’s main systems (energy metabolism, nervous, endocrine, immune). Parts of the body call the shots without actually knowing what they are doing, while a unifying autonomous governing principle is lacking.

There is a tendency towards timelessness, meaning that the body loses its circadian coherence, which further counteracts healthy development.

Energy production from healthy pathways is reduced, which is why the body breaks down its own tissues to survive.

While energy production on a cellular level is reduced, the catabolic process may give people the impression of abundant or even heightened energy. Some extra energy might be gained but at the expense of future function and structure.

More aspects associated with the perverted feminine pole


  • Hyper
  • Lack of Oxidants
  • Cramps, spasms
  • Yang deficiency
  • Obesity
  • Edema
  • Warts, Tumors
  • Calcification, sclerosis
  • Overbearing water and earth elements
  • Hyperactive Adrenal Cortex
  • Hyperactive Parasympathetic System, especially non-myelinated
  • Trauma, dissociated child parts
  • A tendency for self-deception (increase of the shadow)
  • Sycotic and Tubercular Miasms in homeopathy
  • Lack of spiritualization

More aspects associated with the perverted masculine pole


  • Hypo
  • Lack of Anti-Oxidants
  • Numbness, insensitivity
  • Yin deficiency
  • Loss of weight, wasting
  • Dryness
  • Ulcers, lesions
  • Overbearing air and fire element
  • Hyperactive adrenal medulla
  • Hyperactive Sympathetic System
  • Locus of Control shift, inner critic, inner judge
  • A tendency for self-destruction (destructiveness of shadow increases)
  • Syphilitic and Parasitotic Miasms in homeopathy
  • Lack of embodiment

The balancing Pole turns into the Shadow

More aspects associated with the missing balancing pole


  • Infertility
  • Lack of libido
  • Reduced overall detox capacity
  • Simple growth (instead of expansion of structure and function proportionally = development)
  • Lack of individuation
  • Lack of a healthy and functional hierarchy within the body-mind unit
  • Lack of complexity in the organism
  • Aging
  • Energy inefficiency of metabolism
  • Faulty tissue synthesis and break-down
  • Malassimilation of nutrients
  • Persistent neonatal reflexes
  • Inability for self-regulation
  • Homeostasis with life-harming steady-states and setpoints 
  • Fixed and inappropriate survival principle, Allostatic Overload Type II
  • Survival principle is twisted, becoming a death mechanism
  • Absence of life principle
  • Psoric and Scrophulotic Miasms as well as  the third level of Sycosys in homeopathy
  • Inability to process and metabolize (food, thoughts, emotions, etc.)


In the absence of a balancing pole, Chaos prevails. Neither the feminine nor the masculine poles are operational. They lose their integrity and bleed into each other.

With no checks and balances, one enables the other’s worst qualities. Therefore, it is often difficult to say, whether a phenomenon goes back to the twisted masculine or feminine principle. A circular motion (loss of function) and ultimately a downward spiral (loss of structure) are the consequences.

Organisms and the Psyche are caught up in a loop of increasing dissociation, dysfunction, and self-destruction.

The survival principle, once a short-term mechanism that should preserve the chance of achieving the life principle in case of an energy shortage in the future, becomes the predominant and increasing principle in the organism.

What is really important to understand is that the survival principle is not faulty or bad per se, but that the life principle needs to predominate. It should be our default mode. 

In the Matrix, however, most people are born in survival mode and waste away for the next decades and never really get to experience the life principle.

Not the survival mechanism is the problem, its fixation, and permanence is. Even in an open energy system of the Organic Universe, it would have its uses, namely to teach us how to make good choices.

Limited resources are a problem in the Matrix, but so is our ability to accept and process them in a life-affirming way. Free will and evolution aren’t even possible if there is no room for error.

From a meta-perspective, this room for error is also a sneaky safeguard of the Intelligent Design…No matter how much you want to twist the original trinity: In the end, duality will be self-limiting.

Maybe the most important lesson to take away from the Matrix is: We are hurting ourselves by missing out on the amazing opportunity to expand in an organic body and to feel good about it most of the time. Pain is a necessary part of the process, while suffering (the refusal to get real, take up responsibility, and evolve) is optional.

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On this website, I will not write more about the practicalities on how the Self is born.

However, I cannot emphasize enough, that a Self which is able to serve as a tool of transcendance in the Matrix, is not just a spiritual construct.

It requires specific physical, emotional and mental foundations first. In short, the Self will have to be able to attune to the trinitarian field of the Organic Universe and to gradually disconnect from the Matrix duality.

If you would like to know more about this transition from a duality based Ego to the trinitarian Self, check out my website: