Learning to master Reality

Change of Paradigm, complete change of perspective and congruent actions, beliefs and

If you don’t control your body, emotions and mind, someone else will- it is as simple as that.

Life is about power to manage energy ressources, may sound little romantic, but still true. Evolution is basically that. Anything you gain on your way, like hopefully wisdom, are merely side effects. Failing to acknowledge that brings about the distortions that we are dealing with. 


All is energy, conceptually, idea structure and the drive/power behind its manifestation.

From one informational field Matrix to OU

Deprogramming (Indoctrination/Resonance) and Reprogramming

All of which needs wast amounts of energy, which the Matrix snatches up for itself conveniently for now.

Regain our energy

– requires Deprogramming from default loss of energy!

Really need to understant the implications of the change of paradigm from toplogical to autonomy and self-responsibility: It changes the perspective on physics, psychologiy and and anything else you learned. From now on, your view needs to be enenergy centric and you need to understand that that no  one will give you that energy for free. On the other hand, if you don’t want to become the next chief of the Matrix, you will need to do this while respecting the equal right of other souls to create a happy life for themselves. This is were mutuallity comes in. If you give and take in equal amounts, everybody gets what they need. And you will discover how magical, sexy polarity could be, since this mutual co-creation is nothing more than balance between the male and female polarity.


How can we reclaim our energy: polarity and mutuality

How can we break out of the false  promise of  the  Matrix pendulum? It needs to lose hold over us: emotinal maturity













secrecy keeps up power, great PR thing, people get obsessed with what is behind the veil, Information, like in Hollywood, Mystery schools, trick to reinforce you are not deserving enough, think that knowing what is there is what this is all about


In evolution, doors open automatically, when the time is right!


In all creational myths, the one.


People are obsessed with the nature of the one. I am not saying that it doesn’t exist, but that it is not about it, but you. We may be the one, or it may be the creator of the universe. But it is very important that we do not project our hopes or fears on it, this entitiy has no authority over you. Some people may think “well, but if it is benevolent…” Once you project your hope on another being, you become dependent, which opens up room for another bad usuerper. Second, if it is good and helps you, you will not evolve. If you feel it needs to help you, you will not evolve.


Intention is not what it takes. The road to hell is paved with good intentions. It is not about being in the know.


You still smoke? It is not about morals here, it is about evidence of you stuffing the holes in your ego structure for lack of self. It is that simple. You do the work you need to do, things will happen in the right order. Abilities will evolve, information will come. No mystery school needed to tell you that you are not ready.


secrecy keeps up power


being of service, not about deserving, doing work (mystery schools say that, too, different kind of work)


Matrix won’t be transcended if we do not do the work. Raising our consciousness is the last thing we need. Idea that information will bring us the solution.


Things won’t change and get worse if we continue believing that in order to have free energy all we have to do is to raise our consciousness or just find out about hidden technologie that has been suppressed from the mystery schools. They are trying to hack the system and make out of it something purely technical and not something integrated. Raising consciousness won’t do either, because it is a mental process only.


Evil is to challenge natural order, I agree, but not with anmaßung gegen gott


Looking for solutions outside themselves


Not participation, mistery schools do that, I study them, but I do not want to participate other than creating the life that I want


Free energy understanding


Proof in the pudding


Still unhealthy, low energy, aging, waiting for a savior, bad relationships (still something to transcend), Hierarchie health, regeneration, relationships, super powers?


Astrologin: very good, saw many connections, but migraines, menopausal symptoms, waiting for Putin.




Die verhängnisvolle Neigung der Menschen über etwas, was nicht mehr zweifelhaft ist, nicht länger nachzudenken, ist die Ursache der Hälfte aller Irrtümer.


John Stuart Mill















Step 1: Close evolutionary Gaps and reach emotional Maturity
















In an ideal world, organisms could devote a boundless supply of energy to physiological and behavioral immune defenses as well as to solutions for the myriad other adaptive problems they face (predator avoidance, child care, etc.). Furthermore, activation of these systems would be free of collateral costs, such as DNA damage from inflamma- tion or social isolation from avoiding others who potentially harbor infectious agents. We do not inhabit such an ideal world, however. Each of us has a limited pool of bodily resources that can be dedicated to managing pathogen threats, and any pathogen management strategy that one might adopt will involve tradeoffs.
























The only thing we really cant live without is energy








Soulwork requires lots of energy








Time Line Physical and Etheric Bodies, Souls




You can start with your soul or your body, stuff that really works will always uncover gaps in your evolution and needs, most people don’t pay attention to that. Nährstoffmängel, need to work with trauma therapy, sign it is working, even if you do the wrong stuff, the symptoms will increase to tell you where to look. But you need to look. Still evolutionary order, start from the bottom. The better the foundation, the more evolved, the more things together.








IF you want to evolve: kellektives Pflichtprogramm Spezies, individuelles Pflichtprogramm: Your next step, wherever you are in the evolutionary ladder




Still point you towards the beginning, no escape
















Spiritual folks want to start backwards, which is another trick of the false light












Way beyond wholistic thinking








Healing modalities never worked? Still symptomatic. Natural, wholistic, integral, multidimensial. Symptomatic vs systematic. Traumatic experience not building up from scratch. We as humans have an organic inner structure that needs to be in place if we want to evolve as nature intended it for the human body. This structure takes into account, that we are multidimensional beings. We can only navigate these dimensions if we achieve maturity in them. See body, emotions, thoughts as diemensions.








Bad Health, Lack of Energy just another symptom of arrested development








Well aware that what I am saying will trigger people, but it is needed. Need to challenge you, make you feel uncomfortable. You can go down the spiral of rage or








self pity and self flagellation.








People resonate with something: Calcium Detox, Masculinity, Copper Detox, Symbiosis








Change of Paradigm, thorough indoctrination
















When it comes to transcending the matrix OR healing people often don’t realize how indoctrinated they are by the false light paradigm that is fragmented and not systematic.
















And think they can jump right in and tackle that problem. This will likely never work.
















These things are a natural and automatic result, when you build up your metabolism from scratch. At the same time they can’t be achieved before you don’t build up your metabolism from scratch.
















While the therapy needs to be individual, the steps that people need to accomplish in order to move one step ahead are always the same.
















Most people’s body mind unit is at the state of a 1 year old at best, no matter how in touch they are with their soul and how much potential they have. If they are not embodied, healing and spiritual power will not come about. And any symptom is a sign of not being embodied. Because there is no room for disease if energy production and self-regulation actually work. Self regulation is a sign of emotional maturity.  Of course you can get amazing stuff and healing by cooperating with the matrix, but if you want to transcend it, you’ll need to respect natural lore.
























Signs and symptoms
























Embodiment of Etheric+Astral Body, emotional self-regulation
















Before one becomes emotionally autonomous, one can be in touch with one’s soul, it is also possible to meet one’s soul outside the body. But when it comes to being an empowered human being, challenging the Matrix will always come down to teen-age rebellion. They will still be able to attack because real power comes from embodiment.








My own case: INPP etc.
















It is a problem we need to face that we are all not grown up. Dissociation makes it possible for us to be in touch with our soul, have ethical and spiritual values that we can’t hold up to in our daily lives. One can have a highly evolved soul and be an infant from a human perspective. And it is the reality for most people. Nobody talks about this fact and in my opinion, that was orchestrated, because if we really evolve on all levels, we automatically become souvereign.
















Typical signs of not being a grown up (tabelle kind/erwachsen)
















  • Waiting for saviour
  • Self Pity and Self Flagellation (if confronted with reality)
  • Money: pay well, never get discountslooking for approval
  • Believe that spiritual work only will do
  • Act-react
  • Waiting to be nourished, secretly expect free gratification of needs
  • Irrational fears, anxiety
  • Easily manipulated
  • Not knowing what is going on inside emotionally
  • Sheep
  • No self regulation= health problems, co dependency, weak ego structure
  • Not rational
  • Do not take up responsibility for own life, evading what needs to be done
  • Health problems
  • Addictive Behaviour
  • Not rational, although often claim it
  • Shut down when confronted with challenging information, fearful
  • Not able to digest/integrate new information quickly, being overwhelmed
  • Not knowing what one wants, who one wants, what one is
  • Twin soul problem
  • Fear based decisions, not truth based decisions
  • Projection on others
  • Attachment disruption (clinger/avoider)
  • Disintegration: not being able to see the big picture, make connections, set priorities, but also put aside what is not important
  • Aus Kontakt gehen
  • Compensate for ego: start wars, need approval, prove one’s worth
  • Fear, shame, anger when world view is challenged instead of triggering thought processes so you can evaluate validity, Abwehr
  • Ego vs. self
  • Feeling unnourished, being unnourished (definition of unnourishment changes after growing up, not for self-regulation anymore)
  • Confuse truth with violence, feel violated easily
  • Wanting to manipulate others so they can satisfy your needs, telling others what to do so you feel better, less fearful
  • Acting instead of reacting
  • Survival terror, fear of losing support of group, compromising in order not to lose support or existence
  • Can’t tolerate other opinions
  • Having to talk about it sign of undeveloped brain.








Not to be able to see multiple perspectives
















Typical signs of not being polar
















  • relationships not erotic
  • lack of raw power
  • heart centred
  • Not being able to control reality
















There are good people analyzing the effects of not growing up. Analyzing a situation has never been enough for me. I wanted solutions. In fact, many of the brilliant people analyzing the effects of arrested development clearly show that they are in arrested development. While I am not in any way perfect, I dedicated my life to really walk the talk and I want to see measurable results. Growing up is not accomplished through a thought process and good will. Only through hard work.








Integral Evolution (explained in much more detail)
















You think you know about naturopathy? Please forget what you know, we do things differently! There is a shift of paradigm. It is hard to grasp what we actually do until you do it.
















Step 2: Higher Self instead of Consciousness








Higher Brain Development








Embodiment of the Higher Self-the original mental manager








“If you don’t control your mind, someone else will” John Alliston








Consciousness is a very limited use of mental power. Sometimes that is enough, as in 2+2=4, no need for complex math. But what if there is something much, much better? Consciousness, as every computer, as only as good as the data it has been fed with. What if it is incomplete from a very mental perspective? What if it has been reduced to a very poor servant, a left-brain existence of a control freak instead being a manageurial assistance with super powers?








































Step 3: Get polarized








Soul embodiment








While increasingly, people are resonating with what I am saying, this site is not written for people who just resonate with what I am saying. It is a site for people who feel called to walk the talk to its last consequences. The perspective I take is one of the autonomous creative and infinite soul, opposed to a theocentric worldview in which God is the centre of all evolution. Many people want to get in touch with their soul nowadays. But getting in touch with it is a very different thing than embodying it. It is possible to be in touch with one’s sould without actually embodying it all life long. Embodyment has also become a buzz word. In my understanding it is the incarnation of our soul. This process is only possible when one follows all rules of natural lore. Personaly, I think that many people who talk about embodiment mistake it for being in touch with soul. I get it, embodying limits choices and people would love to believe that they can set the rules (false autonomy). True embodiment goes along with maturity and health. Its final result is complete power over ones’s creation in the matter. Transcending the matrix means to first realize what the matrix is and then to extricate oneself from it. The path to embodiment as I see it is arduous and there will be a price to be paid. 








Connecting to your original Masculinity and Femininity








Deprogramming from the Black Magic/false Shadow paradigm and reclaiming your sexual energy and creative power








Reality Management is Co-Creation