Are we ready to try something different ?

So you have been red-pilled.

Now, what do you actually do to transcend the Matrix?

Common approaches are:


To think that "being in the know" alone will bring down the Matrix


Praying to God and hope for grace and deliverance


Meditating for enlightenment to escape the fake Maya reality


Adopting a radical Gnostic approach, in which all creation is evil and must be destroyed, the sooner, the better


Investing in technology to overcome human limitations by embracing trans everything, from genetics to the cyborg ideal


Hoping for our benevolent space brothers to come and save us


Taking psychedelica and assume that the change in perception will set us free


Practicing love and light, waiting for earth's ascension into higher dimensions to take place, guided by the help of Ascended Masters and Spiritual Guides

Waiting for Salvation

What all these approaches have in common: people look for salvation from outside themselves by taking a passive approach while rejecting the idea that the Matrix is of our own making. It will only be deconstructed if we do the hard work of recognizing our past mistakes and take up the responsibility to undo the mess we created.

In other words, we are rejecting our physical, emotional, and mental reality, whether we have been red-pilled or have good intentions, or not. It is not enough to have high moral ideals, if you do not have the ability to walk your talk by changing the way you think, feel, and act. You know how the saying goes: The road to hell is paved with good intentions…

That’s right. We are creating and upholding the Matrix (aka unnecessary suffering) by avoiding what we actually came into existence for, namely to become truly human. True humans are self-aware beings with real agency over their life and their manifestations. True humans also know how to embrace physical, emotional, and mental reality as a potent and joyful catalyst to spiritual empowerment. In such a scenario pain is a temporary catalyst for empowerment, while suffering becomes unnecessary.

Repeating the same Mistakes over and over again – Karma revisited

I am convinced that we have been here before. As humanity and individually.

Many cultures and religions see time as cyclical, which is true and the problem simultaneously. No true evolution happens in a cycle. While things seem to be changing over time, humanity keeps bringing itself to self-destruction. And then the cycle begins anew. The same mistakes are repeated over and over again. And come back to haunt us.

The reason is simple. Karma is a sign that we have not taken responsibility for reality. It is a blend of self-deception, splitting off of reality as well as the unwillingness and disability to take responsibility for our own integral growth and development on a physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual level.

Many cultures and religions call this moment the Fall. Or original sin.

Devolution instead of Evolution

By definition, circles have no element of evolution. Evolution would manifest as a spiral. In spirals, the same topics come back at regular intervals. In spirals, the knowledge and perspective of the ones experiencing the issues have shifted. This is how evolution takes place. In circles, however, no learning has occurred. Eventually, devolution takes place. Devolution is always accompanied by self-deception and self-destruction.

Why this is so, is the content of the research I have devoted my life to, and also the topic of this website.

I have discovered that true and integral evolution needs to occur according to certain principles. These are the Logos of the Christian religion, Natural Law or Intelligent Design.

To make it simple: Self-organization is never random. And it does require an element of consciousness. Consciousness equals the ability to make choices that support life in all its facets.

We are the Ones we have been waiting for

Therefore, absolutely no one but ourselves can transcend the Matrix. While religious figures may or may not be an inspiration for the process, only rigorous inner work on a physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual level will give us the ability to take charge of our lives and environment.

This process is called true individuation through maturation. A state that very few people achieve.

Individuation promotes individuality and autonomy. Turning ourselves into conscious and intentional observers on the quantum level is necessary if we want to transcend the Matrix. Unfortunately, most of our creations are unconscious so far.

Transcending the Matrix through a developmental approach

On this website, I will explore all aspects of human individuation, including biology, culture, society, cosmology, philosophy, and psychology. I will lay out my view on what healthy human and social development should look like and why it is necessary to turn ourselves into conscious and intentional observers on the quantum level. 

I believe that a constant cycle of partial evolution and subsequent devolution has caused and perpetuated humanity’s Fall. And that the development of an individuated Self as a tool with specific functions to process information is the answer.

My findings are based on independent research and vast experience as a naturopath and trauma therapist.

Individuation is the natural way to physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual Sovereignty

Individuation is true Self-Empowerment

Lack of Individuation

Individuation allows humans to self-regulate on physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual levels. Self-regulation is another word for sovereignty. Common signs of lack of individuation are, among others:

Physical, emotional, mental immaturity

Limited consciousness – not to be confused with cognition

Lack of embodiment, conceptual reality, no real power to change yourself and your environment

Out of touch with reality, cognitive dissonance

Inability to change perspectives, inability to accept both/and situations

Choice of security over freedom

Need for guidance from outside

Symbiotic states

Conditioned by societal rules and paradigms

Refusal to accept and to act according to Natural Law, also known as the principles of life

Physical, emotional, mental disease

Inability to have happy romantic relationships that are sustained by sexual, emotional, mental, spiritual compatibility

Inability to lead a purposeful and meaningful life

Habit to do things out of order, at the wrong place and time, especially to put the horse before the cart by wanting to evolve spiritually before the Self has developed

Delusion that benefits, abilities and powers of mature beings can be reaped through short-cuts and without acquiring the complexity and skills necessary to wield power responsibly

Most people are not individuated or only partially individuated. Therefore, they have not developed a Self, but an Ego instead. While the first helps us to deal with reality in a constructive way, the latter will always lead to delusion and self-destruction.

You will likely resonate with Off the Beaten Bliss if…

You enjoy the works of Joseph P. Farrell, especially concerning the "topological metaphor" and the fact that the order of things matter

You enjoy the works of Michael Tsarion, especially when it comes to his work on elite power structures and collective trauma

You have been inspired by the works of George Kavassilas, especially when it comes to his understanding of what God is

You have always taken Mystery Schools, especially Anthroposophy and Theosophy, with a grain of salt because despite some kernels of truth, they have always felt off to you

You just know that we have been down-tuned somehow and that we are not living up to our true human potential and you are willing to take up responsibility for and do the hard work it takes to help undo the Fall – within yourself first

You have always wanted to be the best version of yourself, but always wondered how to make the teachings of C.G. Jung, A.H. Maslow, Robert Kegan and developmentally oriented social theories like Spiral Dynamics (Don Beck, Chris Cowan) or Integral Theory (Ken Wilber) actually work for you

You have had a life long interest in cosmology, philosophy, personal development, hermeticism, alchemy, natural law, patterns of self-organization, alternative healing methods and have been looking for the integrative formula that allows humanity a HAPPY and PURPOSEFUL human experience

Your relationship to the Intelligent Design behind this existence is not one of subordination, but of co-creation, while you agree to completely accept his rules as a guest in his creation

You understand that meditation can be a very handy tool for emotional and spiritual bypassing and that liberation comes through the body, not by dissociating from it and that enlightenment is not what will get us out of this mess

You will not condemn physical reality as evil per se, just because our current version of it creates suffering

For you, technology can never be a substitute for anything but strenuous physical labor, and any sort of transhumanism is the opposite of what you want and stand for

You take the existence of humanoid extra terrestrial life for granted, but do not idolize or demonize it

Ascension into however many Ds is false light New Age babble to you

You consider psychedelica to be just another trap of the Matrix, a shortcut that doesn't exist

I have taught and published my work for a long time now. It has always been controversial, holistic, and outside of most people’s paradigms. I have been confronted with many reactions to my work over the years.

While it is, unfortunately, necessary to take some of the audiences’ needs into consideration when you need to sell your ideas, this website is not trying to sell you anything.

It is my passion project. I am not claiming to have all the answers. I am trying to ask the right questions. And I would rather not deal with people who clearly do not resonate with what I do or are trying to aggressively push their worldview on others.

In order not to evoke false expectations and waste both of our times, I will not beat around the bush:

Off the Beaten Bliss is likely not for you if…

You like to be a victim of your circumstances and would rather wait for somebody else to do your inner work, think for you and save you

You like to depend on other people's opinion and need guidance from gurus, influencers, political, cultural, religious, familial figures or me

You are not willing to ask yourself WHY you do the things that you do, especially when it comes to self-destructive habits, even more so when you seem to like things that are clearly not good for you objectively

You expect me to break down content or dumb it down for a wider audience to be able to follow

You expect me to put on kitten gloves when it comes to uncomfortable human failures – we all have them. Only honesty will bring about the change we need.

You expect me to give out free personal, medical or psychological advice through email or social media

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If you would like to know more about the difference between the Polarity of the Organic Universe vs. the Duality of the Matrix, you can start with the overview or go to my blog for a more in depth examination of particular topics.