Transcending the Matrix beyond Ascension and Transhumanism

Dear fellow soul,


Welcome to Off the beaten Bliss, my heart project about all things that self-empower us to transcend the last level in this vastly distorted reality game that is often called the Matrix.


I know about myself that I came here to become a true mistress of my reality through gaining full autonomy over my physical, emotional, mental and spiritual dimensions.


The material world and polarity have always been devised as a playground for our spiritual bodies to learn new skills, especially how to wield power between spirit and matter, also called reality management.


However, the rules of the game have been changed by one entity (or a collection of entities) that did not want to play by the rules, but rather changed them for its sole benefit. It created its own two poles of false light and false shadow and set out to make its fellow souls its servants.




It was simply too afraid to look its shadow square in the face and do what needs to be done in order to discover that true power is the one over oneself and not over others. Up to this day, this entity/collective depends on my and your energy and creative power to survive, pay off its willing helpers and uphold the distorted reality construct it created. It tricked us into believing that we are powerless little creatures unworthy of shaping our own destiny.


The question is: What does that all mean for me and you?


The answer to that question is a matter of perspective. You could choose to believe that all of this is not happening. You could make yourself a victim and lament the fact that an egotistic and very powerful being is taking advantage of you. Or you could see this as a unique opportunity to take your own skills up a notch while you do not only learn how to manage reality, but also to transcend the adverse construct of the Matrix.


Personally, I am convinced that all the adversity can be a powerful catalyzer to help us humans to metamorphize into something completely new, to bring us to the next step of our evolution.


However, nobody said that it was going to be easy. In fact, becoming autonomous in every way is probably the most challenging and sometimes painful thing one could ever do.


There are no role models, no instructions, no guides, no guarantees. Just hints and us, we humans. Adversaries are called that name for a reason. It is their job to challenge us. And they do have aeons of advance on information and how to distort it. Bringing all the pieces of information together seems to be part of the challenge.


We are the ones we have been waiting for. Anybody who still believes in being saved, no matter by whom: mommy, daddy, aliens, ascended masters or God itself, walked into the trapp leading straight out of autonomy and into dependency. One could call it the path to becoming a God.


Been there, done that.


Like many others, I have always suspected that something in our reality wasn't adding up. At first, I thought that there was something wrong with me. But eventually, I realized what was going on and why.


In the end, it is a battle about energy and the power of creation. This battle manifests in every aspect of our reality. All emotional and mental distortions are connected to it. Reality needed to be made very, very complicated so nobody would actually realize what was going on. Deceptions, systems of control, booby traps within our own bodies and especially the big mystery of the divine needed to be created and spun into our history over time and space.


In this life, I have the honor to call a trait my own that comes in very handy on the quest to transcend the Matrix. I can dig deep into very complex matters, cross reference what I find within many areas of expertise and find the unifying pattern. This is how I separate the lies from Natural Lore.


Natural Lore is what scientific law claims to be: a rule "that is directly or indirectly based on empirical evidence. It is generally understood that they implicitly reflect, though they do not explicitly assert, causal relationships fundamental to reality, and are discovered rather than invented".[2]


And, for the sake of transparency, I will disclose that I have been involved with the creation of the Matrix myself a long time ago. My contribution: The mutation/degeneration of the physical body as a vessel for heart-soul--essence embodiment, especially in its power to mature into an organic vessel for the true male/female polarity. So I also helped to create the current distortion of the male/female polarity and the discord between these two poles (repulsion instead of attraction). I am now here to claim responsibility for my own creations and to end a cycle of incarnations on Earth in which I have made myself take a good sip of the poison I created.


I do not claim to be the owner of the truth or to be all knowing. And I am certainly not out to convince anybody who doesn't resonate with what I am saying. I am simply on a quest to make sense of my own life. And as a practical person, I would have liked to have information about self-empowering tools when I started out on my journey to heal the distortions of the Matrix within myself so that my reality, too, could change.


And taking the advice of an author who was asked for writing advice: "You always need to write the book you would have wanted to read".


So I am offering you information that helped me to break free from the false light/false shadow paradigm and that is still supporting me on my way to spiritual autonomy. Healing is the flip side of this process.


Having been trained as a naturopath and trauma therapist, I discovered that naturopathic or wholistic healing modalities are mostly a random assortment of advice that may help us to better function within the status quo – one of the custom traits I have come to attribute to the false light paradigm– but never to give us the real keys that let us become autonomous enough to challenge our self proclaimed masters.


The method that I developed is much more than a wholistic practice. It draws on many fields of expertise and has been practically proven over the last 15 years. I called it Integral Evolution (find more about it here).


If you are interested in working with my practice team, please sign up for the newsletter on this website. We are currently working out how to go fully international after working with clients all over Europe within the last years.


I am currently transitioning out of old obligations and will work with a select few people personally. If you are interested in working with me, please sign up for the newsletter on this website as well.


While my website will give you a practical overview over the steps that I feel are needed to become an autonomous and fully embodied soul-essence-being, this site here will be reserved for musings on the big picture, the philosophic and scientific background of my findings as well as how it all fits into my perspective on cosmology.


I am super excited to share all I know with people who are on a similar life path (I have countless pages of notes and diagrams) through articles, podcasts, free tools, online products and much more.


But I will need a few weeks to create the environment that supports my new stage in life. If you would like to join me, I will let you know when the new Off the beaten Bliss is ready, once you are on my newsletter list.


I would love to welcome you back.


And I sincerely hope that you can profit from the countless times that I wanted to give up in frustration because I simply couldn't make sense of it all.


We are here to learn not to suffer, even if getting there might be involved with some growing pains.





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