Spiritual Implications

The biggest (Self-) Deception of all

Most people, who are aware of the Matrix, believe that humanity needs to grow spiritually in order to transcend it.

While I couldn’t agree more, most people put the horse before the cart, when it comes to spiritual growth. They simply lack the foundations of a healthy Self to gain consciousness, which is a prerequisite for spiritual growth.



Embodiment is the only way to gain dominion over ourselves and our environment. It enables practical action, rather than theoretical knowledge. Embodiment makes things “real” and concrete. Therefore, proper development of the physical body is fundamental for embodiment. Embodiment is much more than grounding, but an embodied person is generally grounded without having to recur to special techniques. It is the ultimate instrument to get us out of the virtual Matrix reality and into the reality of the Organic Universe by becoming an intentional observer in the quantic sense.

Spiritual Development as a result of Integration

Spiritual development requires a healthy and well-developed Self. The Self can be considered as the container of all our multidimensional aspects, a focal point of what we are in this existence.

And since we partly live in a material world, our physical body plays a huge role in our overall development. It is the first level of our internal hierarchy to develop according to our physiology.

All our other aspects, up to our spiritual body, build on our physical body. It is a necessary vessel for us to successfully have power over our material environment, and through its foundational quality, also over the immaterial world.

Ultimately, healthy development is all about integrating all aspects of existence within one coherent organism, into which the immaterial bodies incarnate (descend).

By reaching the maturity of our Spiritual Bodies, we first come into our human potential, meaning that we now have the tools to live a purposeful, happy, and healthy existence as co-creators of reality.

It is not the end of our evolution as an immortal Soul, but a pivotal point to undo the Fall.

Trinity & our relationship to the Intelligent Design


In the Organic Universe, our relationship to the Intelligent Design is one of co-creation. The whole point of our material existence is mutual learning. While the Intelligent Design makes the rules, we are here to experience ourselves from the perspective of these rules. The Intelligent Design experiences what other souls do with the original idea. On the level of the immortal Soul, we are equal, but in this existence, we will only make the most of the experience if we abide by the rules of our host.

Evolution thought through

The principle of development can be seen as the manifestation of Logos in the material world. Logically and stringently applied, it means that our Self will individuate into more and more complexity by gaining ever more individuality, but also autonomy.

This means that there might come a time in which we have mastered all there is to master in this particular existence, that has been created by this Intelligent Design.

After this transcendence, another adventure might start, maybe we will even become hosts to fellow infinite Souls. But until we get there, we are in a situation of both, sovereignty and subordination in relation to the Intelligent Design.

This subordination does not however imply the need for adoration, much less any kind of tribute or debt that has to be paid to the Intelligent Design.

Yes, our original human material form might have been created by the Intelligent Design. Our eternal and infinite Soul, however, was not. Therefore, we are not owned by the Creator of this existence, nor are we really a part of it. We are taking part in this Creation, which is a big difference.

Imagine the owner of a theater, who has built his venue as a place for particular plays. He will ask actors to perform in his plays, while patrons act as spectators. Anyone using the venue will have to abide by certain rules. The troupe does not decide about the program, nor do the patrons. The owner of the theater, the actors, and the spectators all benefit from the theater in their own way.

But why should the troupe or the spectators worship the owner of the theater?

Or why should the actors feel obliged to play in the venue, when their contract is up?

Or why should the spectators return, once they have seen all the plays (repeatedly)?

The balancing Pole as Interphase between Us and the Intelligent Design

The balancing pole has many purposes, among which is to be an interphase between our infinite Souls and the infinite Soul of the Creator Intelligence. This way, existence becomes a mutual learning experience.

Notice that our relationship to the Intelligent Creator is somewhat symbiotic in the beginning, like every childhood is. We are literally merged through our reality. But as we grow up to be mature human beings, the relationship rather becomes one of connection, rather than symbiosis.

Also, perspective matters, when it comes to the feminine or masculine poles. The feminine pole is the differentiated and receiving one. The masculine pole differentiates and activates. From the level of the infinite Soul, the Intelligent Design is being shaped by our execution of the free will. The Creator does not interfere with creation directly. From the perspective of our material existence, however, we are being shaped by adapting to Logos. Both these perspectives again meet at a neutral ground, the balancing pole, which thusly also evolves.

Before we reach our physical and emotional maturity to the point of being able to self-regulate, our focus should lie on the comprehension of the Logos. Only when we have understood how to adapt to our environment (aka survival), our actual individuation can take place. Individuation means that we know how to play with our environment (including other beings) in a responsible way and, at the same time, how to realize ourselves and fulfill our Soul’s purpose for this existence.

Feminine Pole

The Intelligent Design is the receiving pole from a meta-perspective.

We are the receiving pole from an infra-perspective.

Balancing Pole

Our mutual experiences meet in the middle, within the balancing pole, which also evolves.

Masculine Pole

We are the active pole from a meta-perspective.

The Intelligent Design is the active pole from an infra-perspective.


Unattached Bodies are susceptible to posession

A lack of embodiment also leaves us vulnerable to foreign programming. The concept of possession is but one example of this. Especially when it comes to the immaterial/inorganic level, many people fall prey to entities who are angry impostors of the Intelligent Design. They pose as “spiritual” beings who are anything but in the sense of mature beings. Other inorganic beings of our own making (egregors), often created through fear or mass hysteria, are also silent programmers.

What all our programmers have in common, whether organic or inorganic, is that they want our energy and possibly our power of manifestation over matter (which is why they like us to conveniently remain the unconscious observer…).

Lack of spiritual Development through missing Integration

Since most people have not completed their physical maturation, all subsequent developmental steps are not completed in a way that opens up spiritual development.

Please notice that believing in something bigger than yourself or being devout is not the same as being spiritually mature. Maturity equals the operational functionality of the bodies in question.

While all our bodies, physical and ethereal, need to follow the Logos for life-affirming choices, they are governed by different sub-principles. It is assumed that the ethereal body is electric, while the astral body is magnetic, for example.

Also, our subtle bodies receive different aspects of our reality, such as from our past or our lineage.

While our physical body integrates all aspects and dimensions in the present here and now.

If the physical body has not matured sufficiently, neither will the etheric body and so on. In this case, the ethereal bodies are mostly not or only loosely attached to the physical body since they have not incarnated properly.

This lack of integration equals a lack of self-empowerment because only embodied functions are under our intentional control.

Duality & our implied Debt to the God of the Matrix


In the Matrix, our relationship with God is intended to be a perpetual relationship of subordination. We are made to believe that God created even our infinite Souls, and can therefore do with us as he/she/it pleases.

In Duality, God is just another Soul who has fallen prey to a universe with a closed energy system. This entity, however, has worked its way up the pecking order and now thinks that it deserves not only our eternal adoration but also our energy.

Its most powerful tool is deception (perverted feminine pole) through which it channels our free will in the direction of self-destruction. By destructing (organic) life, energy is released and channeled up the hierarchy. While death is the most drastic way to steal our energy, there are many more ways to do so: by making us worship or by distracting us from our life path, among others.

Why true Evolution needs to be suppressed in the Matrix

Our true evolution would make us conscious observers. This would mean power over ourselves and our material environment. Which would abolish the Matrix immediately, because no person with a sound mind would ever willingly support our current tyrannical and predatorial Matrix system.

In other words: there is nothing that threatens the Matrix and its minions and beneficiaries more than our individual collective evolution.

All parasitic entities would have to do the hard work and go through all the frustrations of maturation, which until now they find tedious, inconvenient, and unnecessary. Why bother, if they have us as willing batteries and flatterers?

It is very important to understand that these beings are every bit as immature as we are, otherwise they would not act the way they do, no matter how advanced they are with material and ethereal technology. As long as they prey on others as a way of life, emotional, mental, and spiritual maturity are just words.

The missing Balancing Pole as a Portal for Possession

When the balancing pole is missing, it becomes a portal for all kinds of possession. Also, we lose our connection to the Logos.

In humans, the mature Self is a manifestation of the balancing pole. While humans still have the blueprint to own a Self, it has not been activated through healthy physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual development. While the functional structure of the Self lies dormant in most people, the Ego develops, a poor and dysfunctional imitation of the Self. The Ego becomes the interphase for the dual paradigm of the Matrix.

Without the Self, we lose our ability to evolve into beings that are able to see things and act from different perspectives. Consequently, we do not integrate our multi-dimensionality and lack power over ourselves and our environment. We become beings that live in a virtual world and suffer from cognitive dissonance through lack of embodiment. We can’t walk the talk because we suppress our subconscious, which governs our lives through the Shadow.

Since existence doesn’t tolerate power vacuums, we are governed by our environment. Instead of becoming differentiated and autonomous beings, we remain in the symbiotic state of our childhoods. Symbiosis literally means that we are being carried within the awareness of someone or something else: our parents, ancestors, society, gods, demons, religion, or egregors. In this state, we do not get to develop the wisdom of actual individual consciousness.

From an Ego perspective, the concept of the Intelligent Design gets twisted. We are unable to create, use or even perceive the balancing pole in our lives. We are reduced to living in the world of Duality. As a consequence, we are constantly torn between the (false) light and the (false) darkness paradigm, Good and Evil.

Feminine Pole

In the Matrix, the feminine or “dark” pole on the left (left-hand path) is associated with evil, the Devil, or the Anti-Christ.

Masculine Pole

The masculine pole is associated with “light”, good, and the Divine or God.

Good vs Evil

The concept of good vs evil is a fundamental principle of the Matrix. By not allowing a middle ground in the balancing pole, feminine and masculine can not complement and balance each other. Therefore, the acknowledgment of a whole becomes implicitly impossible.

Questions are answered or decisions made from a reductionist point of view, never from the multiple perspectives of consciousness.

This dichotomy also implies the opposition between the immaterial world (which is often reduced to the mental realm) and the material world.

This radical opposition is a necessary plot device for the Matrix to continue. It distracts us from our own development by offering guilty parties for any of our miseries, personal or collective.

It is interesting to notice that the perverted feminine and masculine poles both embody the other’s worst qualities: While the Devil becomes the ultimate destroyer (by deceiving us), God becomes the ultimate deceiver (by destroying us).

Image credits: title-part of altar painting, Jesuit church, Mindelheim, Germany, Wikipedia, ornaments-Elegant Themes, illustrations- own work (Canva)

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