The Big Picture

Basic Principles

The Fall has consequences on a grand and small scale. Let’s first look at what happens to the feminine and masculine poles in Duality and Polarity themselves, before we can apply these changes to all aspects of our existence.



Feminine Pole

The feminine pole is passive, can be differentiated, and therefore parted into individual parts.

It is also containing and concentrating, which leads to boundaries. This is why it has been associated with Matter.

Connections and relationships with others are also the feminine pole’s domain.

Balancing Pole

The balancing pole keeps things fluid. It is where the masculine and the feminine touch, providing connection without dissolution.

The integrity of both the feminine and masculine poles depends on the balancing pole.

Propelled by the constant tension between feminine and masculine, healthy development and expansion occur through the regulating mechanism of consciousness: the ability to facilitate a broader scope of action of self and others in the long term.

Because of this balance, male and female poles are interdependent, they need each other. All things must therefore have a feminine and masculine element.

Masculine Pole

The masculine pole is differentiating, active and autonomous.

It is also transgressive and dissolving, it doesn’t like boundaries. This is why it has been associated with the immaterial Spirit.

Connection and relationship to self are the masculine pole’s domain.

More aspects associated with the feminine pole


  • Yin
  • Earth
  • Dark
  • Parasympathetic
  • Stillness
  • Receptive
  • Nurturing
  • Attention to details
  • Within existing structures
  • Earth Element
  • Water Element
  • Conservative
  • Linear thinking
  • Left brain
  • Time
  • Horizontal
  • Structure
  • Entanglement

More aspects associated with the balancing pole


  • (both) and
  • Dusk, Dawn
  • Self
  • Coordination
  • Metabolism
  • Harmony
  • Potential
  • Win-win-win situations
  • Spiral of evolution
  • Happy personal and social relationships
  • The balance between individual fulfillment and close personal relationships
  • Flexible, fluid, and supportive hierarchies promoting growth opportunities
  • Leadership of merit
  • Liberality, Personal freedom, minimal central governmental coordination
  • Healthy open systems (physical, ecological, social, political)
  • Complex thought
  • The balance between body, mind, and soul
  • Fair distribution of resources, the world view of open energy systems
  • Nourishment

More aspects associated with the masculine pole


  • Yang
  • Heaven
  • Light
  • Sympathetic
  • Motion
  • Active
  • Protecting
  • Big Picture
  • Outside the Box
  • Air Element
  • Fire Element
  • Progressive
  • Non-linear thinking
  • Right brain
  • Space
  • Vertical
  • Function
  • Mirroring

Heaven on Earth

In trinitarian Polarity, the original potential and energy influx of the immaterial world can be brought into the material world. This fact leads to a couple of consequences:

First, matter can constantly self-renew by either maintaining a steady state or by evolution.

Second, potential means opportunity and free will. Free will is not a synonym to “Do as thou wilt, for I have done with thee” but an opportunity to make life-affirming choices that benefit me, you, and us – now and in the future.

Third, free will and potential produce a variety of perspectives that co-exist, while the connection to the infinite potential represents the absolute. This means that the relative and the absolute also co-exist.

Notice that the three poles together form a functional structure, a medium, that can be changed and engineered.

It is our job to do it well.

Doing it well means including ever more perspectives in our awareness through expansion and coordination of the masculine and feminine poles, without losing the connection to infinite potential.



Perverted feminine Pole

The perverted feminine pole is (self-) deceptive, while it comes in the disguise of the False Shadow.

Unchecked by the balancing and the masculine poles, false individuality prevails.

Structures and hierarchies are rigid and kept for their own sake, not for their functionality.

Biological necessities are over-emphasized, while spiritual growth is neglected and discouraged.

Technology becomes a God, research loses itself in detail, while over-arching principles are forgotten and complex thinking suppressed.

Fragmentation, partial truths, and dissociation lead to the formation of the shadow.

The body becomes an object that can be manipulated, used, and changed at random.

Subordination and castration are instruments of domination.

Perverted masculine Pole

The perverted masculine pole is (self-) destructive, while it comes in the disguise of the False Light.

Unchecked by the balancing and the female poles, false autonomy prevails.

There is no respect for hierarchies or structures.

Biological necessities are neglected, while spiritual growth is over-emphasized.

There is a drive to destroy and to escape the body; a strive for the ethereal and inorganic world. Theocracies are the Utopias.

Raw and unchecked power gives the Shadow its destructiveness.

The spiritual worldview is body shaming, misogynistic and irrational.

While disembodied thoughts promote a truth that is incongruent with reality, the Logos is factually rejected, and chaos is promoted as the ultimate truth. True individuality is shunned, the greater good trumps individual needs.

More aspects associated with the perverted feminine pole


  • Matriarchy, castration, and humiliation of males
  • Males effeminate
  • Switching of polarity and brain hemispheres, the right brain becomes the female side
  • Pseudo individuality
  • Technocracy
  • Transhumanism
  • Dissociation, fragmentation, schisms, antagonism
  • Maya
  • Petrification, calcification
  • Satanism
  • Hedonism, Narcissism
  • Overspending
  • Drugs, escapism, looking for shortcuts
  • Over-emphasized linear thinking
  • Lack of functional structure
  • Clingy relationships, co-dependency
  • Negative female qualities

More aspects associated with the perverted masculine pole


  • Patriarchy
  • Females emasculate
  • Pseudo autonomy
  • Theocracy
  • Ascencion, over etherealzation and astralization
  • Spiritual bypassing
  • Nirvana, no individual self
  • Swarm intelligence, oneness means the destruction of individuality, one fits all mentality
  • Loss of boundaries
  • Puritanism
  • Schizoid disorder, Depression
  • Asceticism
  • Over-emphasized non-linear thinking
  • Lack of structured function
  • Autism, inability to connect
  • Negative male qualities

More aspects associated with the missing balancing pole


  • Neither, nor or either, or
  • Lack of perspective
  • Lack of individuation
  • Lack of communication
  • Lack of consciousness
  • Lack of personal responsibility
  • Inability to change
  • Cognitive dissonance
  • Depolarization of the sexes, androgyny, loss of sexual identity
  • (Human) sacrifice, self-sacrifice
  • Victimhood, waiting for salvation
  • Ego instead of Self, lack of psychological structure
  • Trauma
  • Chronic psychological defense mechanism
  • Lack of healthy physical, emotional, and mental development, chronic diseases
  • Symbiosis, merging
  • Fixed state of chronic survival
  • False idols
  • Physical, emotional, and mental immaturity
  • Inability to cope
  • Lack of complexity, inability to complex thought
  • Parasitic hierarchies
  • Closed energy systems
  • War of opposites
  • Lose-lose-lose situations
  • Cyclical time, periodical self-destruction, and cataclysm
  • Messianic cults, promotion of Armageddon
  • Demiurge instead of Logos

Hell on Earth

In the absence of a balancing pole, there are hard fronts between the masculine and feminine pole, between male and female, but also within ourselves.

At the same time, the poles bleed into each other. Depolarization occurs. Males and females tend to embody the worst properties of the opposite sex, instead of the best properties of their own sex.

Men suffer from a lack of vision, while females fail to provide a sensible organization of daily life that could bring prosperity, beauty, and happiness into human existence.

Progress takes place for progress’ sake, it is ultimately irrational and predatorial (random differentiation). The only ones who seem to benefit from the situation are the ones at the top of the pecking order. While the base of the pyramid supplies the Elites with energy and resources.

Under a thin veneer of civilization, savagery plays out through the individual and collective shadow, which ultimately leads to the periodic self-destruction of humanity.

Individually, life spans are too short for most people to reach maturity and individuation. Survival, not life is on most people’s plates. Gratification needs to be immediate, to the expense of future generations, children are habitually sacrificed (figuratively, and sometimes literally).

Love can often not be contained in a fulfilling relationship. Star-crossed lovers, purely erotic or platonic relationships are predominant models of intimate relationships.

The erotic principle becomes volatile because individuals do not have the psychological structure to withstand the pull of the opposite pole.

Social relationships tend to be parasitic in nature. Political systems are authoritarian in some way or another. Fake everything is the norm: democracy, rationality, equality of chances, and peace.

Linear and non-linear thought can’t be fused into complex thought. People fall prey to their hidden emotions, while their actual needs stay unfulfilled.

Lack of embodiment further contributes to chronic disease. Disease is purported to be a random phenomenon that needs to be fought tooth and nail. Social and medical assistance provide a longer life, but not a more fulfilled life.

The lack of Self creates a vacuum, in which various puppeteers (physical, ethereal, astral) can compete for the person and their life force.

The outside world is needed as a distraction from the lack of Self. And the soul can and will not incarnate into the Ego, the Self’s placeholder, properly.

Image credits: Title image- Adam and Eve driven from Paradise, Wikipedia, illustrations-own work (Canva), ornaments-Elegant Themes