Navigating the Matrix

Before we learn how to transcend the Matrix, let’s take a look at what the Matrix actually is, what it does, and why.

Definition: light/shadow trickster, system of limitations that hinder your evolution.

 Doesn’t matter who or what, it is about you getting rid of your slave mentality. 

Truth and facts not the same.


The Matrix is the shadow of the organic universe.

The Myth of Chaos

You will probably agree that it is impossible to solve a problem if you don’t know what you are dealing with. Logic demands that there be a problem analysis before anybody can come up with an effective solution. Not using logic, however, is one big trait of the Matrix paradigm. They like to call it “order out of chaos”. But there is no chaos other than the illusion of chaos that the Matrix created and we allowed to happen. As soon as certain patterns repeat themselves, there must be a form of order. And order implies the existence of rules.

Things can only seem chaotic if one either doesn’t understand the rules or denies their existence.

Any reality= energy + intention, matrix energy specific flavor (Hermeticism)

Therefore, knowing the basic rules of the Matrix is what matters most if we want to understand why certain patterns keep repeating themselves. The big themes that humanity has evolved around since the beginning, like love, war, survival, oppressive power etc. are likely to show common denominators, or, as I will argue, one unifying principle. 

So let us first look at the most obvious set of general rules that are supposed to explain all connections in our (physical) universe: Natural Law. Natural Law is officially defined as a rule “that is directly or indirectly based on empirical evidence. It is generally understood that they implicitly reflect, though they do not explicitly assert, causal relationships fundamental to reality, and are discovered rather than invented”.1

While we are told to assume that Natural Law describes the basic principles of our existence, I will argue that the formulation of Natural Law as we know it is the result of a certain perspective and not necessarily a reflection of the most fundamental truths of existence.

Most people do not think of the truth as being the result of a certain perspective. But it always is.

Often, people who have a hard time accepting the possibility of living in a Matrix, just can’t imagine why someone would design or build such a thing. Those are the same people who can’t imagine why the government could not have their best interest at heart. The same people who don’t know the truth about themselves, their own shadow, or their role in the cosmos. These people lack a certain perspective that would allow them to understand motivation.

Therefore, I find that understanding motivation and perspective are crucial aspects when it comes to extracting the real rules out of what is presented to us as chaos. Understanding the real rules that I will refer to as Natural Lore – as opposed to the manufactured Matrix version of it that we know as Natural Law – helped me understand what I needed to do to solve the problem of how to actually transcend the Matrix in order to return to an evolutionary path in the Organic Multiverse. The Organic Multiverse being my name for our original timeline outside the Matrix.

What distinguisches both is intention. Certain flavor. This particular flavor limits our perception and gets refed into our system over and over again.

The Matrix in a Nutshell

I will start with the summary of what the Matrix is all about in my opinion to make it easier for you to follow me when we dig into the details.

  1. Energy is the unifying principle in the multiverse, whether Organic Universe or Matrix.
  2. We have deliberately signed over our energy and creative power to the Matrix in the distant past because we as individuals and as a species were too insecure and afraid to take up responsibility for our own actions in a new realm in which soul met matter.
  3. The designers of the Matrix “helped” us by creating an altered physical vessel that led to a split from our original time/space continuum in the Organic Universe.
  4. While we assumed that we were signing over our power of creation temporarily, the Matrix decided to keep it.
  5. Through the ages, the Matrix implemented very sophisticated propaganda to make us forget that we a) had handed over our power in the first place and b) that we are entitled to our own energy and power of creation.
  6. One of the main points of the Matrix propaganda campaign is to build up a narrative in which God or Gods created us and that they therefore can claim ownership over our body, mind, and soul.
  7. Every evolution in the Matrix is equated with a) a deeper identification with God and its ideals b) a closer connection with God c) the transcendence of the physical body, which is considered useless at best and evil at most.
  8. The final result of evolution in the Matrix is unity, whether through ascension or through transhumanism.

We can now unpack all I have said above, while we dig deep into science, history, and religion. I am aware that you might feel your mind being stretched through the sheer density of information contained in the following paragraphs. I hope you can bear with me nonetheless. I am pretty sure it is worth the effort and consider this to be just the introduction and an overview of everything I will explore in much more detail on other pages and in the blog of this website.

Energy: A unifying principle

I will now come back to the idea of truth being a matter of perspective.

When a mother leaves her young child in daycare in order to put food on the table, she is saving her child from her perspective. The child, however, may feel abandoned, because it is simply too small to live without the close proximity of the mother, it needs the mother to regulate itself. Which perspective is true? Both. If we are looking from the perspective of survival, the mother is right. If we are looking from the perspective of a wholesome life, the child is right.

Therefore, we are not just looking for truths. We are looking for truths that do not disadvantage one or the other side of the story. In the example above, survival wins, life loses. Life will always lose if survival wins. The example above may seem random, but it describes any win-lose situation there will ever be. Win-win takes place if there is enough for both parties.

The fundamental question is: enough of what?

If we really break it down, it will always come down to energy. Material energy, metaphysical energy, emotional energy. Fundamentally, they are all the same. In the example above, the mother needed more food (to uphold physical energy) or money (exchange good for energy) in order not to give her child away. If the mother had given her child more love (emotional energy) instead of just food, the child would have thrived. It would directly have benefited from the electromagnetic frequency of love and its little body would have been able to release endorphins that would have made the child feel good. But that would not have worked, if the child had been hungry because the mother couldn’t feed it. The child needed food and his mother’s love. But there was not enough money (energy) for both.

Win-lose takes place if one of the parties is stronger, richer, smarter (intelligence depends on all kinds of energy)

Since energy is the fundamental solution to any win-lose situation, it is wise to take it into consideration when looking into Natural Law.

Energy in Natural Law

So what do official Physics and Chemistry say about energy?

“As we know through thermodynamics, energy cannot be created nor destroyed. It simply changes states. The total amount of energy in an isolated system does not, cannot, change. And thanks to Einstein, we also know that matter and energy are two rungs on the same ladder.

The universe as a whole is closed. However, human bodies (and other ecosystems) are not closed — they’re open systems. We exchange energy with our surroundings. We can gain energy (again, through chemical processes), and we can lose it (by expelling waste or emitting heat).

In death, the collection of atoms of which you are composed (a universe within the universe) are repurposed. Those atoms and that energy, which originated during the Big Bang, will always be around. Therefore, your “light,” that is, the essence of your energy — not to be confused with your actual consciousness — will continue to echo throughout space until the end of time.” 2 


“The degradation of the matter and energy in the universe to an ultimate state of inert uniformity Entropy is the general trend of the universe toward death and disorder: Entropy is the general trend of the universe toward death and disorder.— James R. Newman3 

Simply said: matter decays if it can’t substitute for the energy that it loses over time.

It is important to keep in mind that physics and chemistry are implicitly referring to the laws of the material universe (the one officially recognized by science).

From the perspective of Natural Law, energy from matter gets lost through dispersion in the closed system of the universe until all matter decays and there is only homogenous chaos left (entropy). 

Energy in Descriptions of the Metaphysical World

We will now take a look at a realm that is officially denied by Natural Law, the metaphysical world, by looking at the following example which describes the so-called 5th Dimension:

“The higher self, angels, beneficial ETs/galactics, and other spiritual guides for 3rd Dimensional humans are mostly from the 5th Dimension and higher. Most beings in the 5th Dimension have no physical bodies…

Thoughts, universes, and alternate selves are instantly materialized in the 5th Dimension (much more so than in the 4th Dimension, though less so than in higher dimensions).

Time travel is easily done, according to some, as the past-present-future concept is weak. This also means desires and fears are far less pronounced, especially at the highest levels of this dimension…For embodied Earth humans, experiencing the 5th Dimension is said to be like experiencing “Heaven on Earth”.”4

What I find interesting is that there doesn’t seem to be a problem with decay or energy loss in the 5D Reality aka “Heaven”. On the contrary, entities seem to be omnipotent in the 5th Dimension, which implies an abundance of energy that is needed to form matter, even metaphysical matter.

So why do we get to experience the laws of nature in such a different way? Why is physical matter separated from a renewable energy source, while the metaphysical world disposes of an abundance of energy?

One possible explanation could be that the physical universe is not a closed system, but an open system instead. And that the lost energy of physical matter actually goes somewhere like the 5th Dimension in form of metaphysical matter.

What seems to be a wild guess, is actually claimed by some independent scholars that I bumped into by synchronicity as soon as I had formed the hypothesis myself.

Energy in a unified cosmologic Model

The physicist Paul LaViolette Ph.D. reframes the First Law of Thermodynamics as such:

“The First Law of Thermodynamics (in its most narrow interpretation) states that energy can neither be created nor destroyed, only interconverted from one preexisting physical form into another.  The inherent flaw of this interpretation is that it presumes that the physical universe operates as an isolated system, devoid of any inputs from or outputs to some state “beyond” or “outside” of the physical universe.  Physicists have no proof that their assumption is correct; they simply believe it is correct.  Because of this, they have created the mess that astronomy currently is in with its inability to effectively explain energetic phenomena being seen throughout the universe

Subquantum kinetics proposes that we adopt a broad interpretation of the First Law, one that admits to the existence of an active subquantum etheric realm, one that underlies the quantum physical level of matter, energy and fields and which is the matrix which composes such entities.

Furthermore it supposes that the etheron components making up this etheric medium maintain a continual state of reaction and diffusion activity which continually generates and maintains the form of our physical universe.  The physical universe is then no longer viewed as a closed system, but as an open system, whose very existence depends on the continuing activity of the subquantum realm.”5

So not only does Paul LaViolette explain where the energy goes to, he also explains that it can also come back from there to rebuild physical matter.

According to this theory, there is no final state of entropy, but a constant process of destruction and renewal going on in the physical universe.

And yet. When I look into the ease of creation in 5D and how hard I have to work to make a living, keep my car from rusting away, to preserve food in my fridge, and to ward off wrinkles over here in the material universe, I would say that there is at least some truth to what Natural Law is claiming. 

Paul LaViolette is a big proponent of what is called “free energy”

“So, by realizing that this underlying ether exists and functions as an open system, we may resolve the mystery of where the energy comes from that powers galactic core explosions, planets, stars, and “free energy devices”.”6

To come to the point: I absolutely agree with Paul that free energy is a valid concept.

But personally, I do not have free energy at my (intentional) disposal yet. What I can say is that I have been able to tune my body in a way that allows for a much greater energy harvest than it used to through many techniques which allows my body to heal, stay healthy, and rejuvenate to a bigger extent than most people I know. I will talk more about that later when we come to the actual transcendence of the Matrix. However, my findings are just a beginning and not the end. I keep wondering why decay seems to be so much more prevalent in my surroundings than the conservation of form. There is no better place to see this than with aging.

From my perspective, humans age disproportionally fast compared to what they need to do to become evolved human beings. We have an unusually long infancy, lose most of our physical stamina shortly after our 20th birthday, and from age 80 at the latest, we lose our mental capacity before our organism literally destroys itself and we die.

The real question for me here is to wonder why we humans can generally not intentionally dispose of free energy in an easy way, which creates a very palpable experience of energy restrictions in our physical universe in our daily lives.

While we could all be using fossil-free energy, creating a beautiful world that we wouldn’t have to spend so much of our time to upkeep one way or the other, and regenerating our bodies until we decide that our time has come, we struggle for survival on many levels every day, whether consciously or not.

While Paul LaViolette says that we should not be as pessimistic as to believe there is no such thing as a free lunch in the universe, I beg to differ. His assumption that the existence of free energy implies that we have to do nothing to have access to it is a very shortened version of the truth. The ability and skill to regulate ourselves and our environment to the extent that we do not have to worry about losing energy to a greater extent than we can gain belong to advanced stages of our development.

In fact, I believe that the kind of thinking that Paul LaViolette is putting forward is the exact reason for the existence of the Matrix. He is hoping for free gratification and doesn’t consider the idea that there might be a reason for our current inability to harvest free energy based on another Natural Lore.

That Lore would be the principle of mutuality. If we stay with our example of the conflicting perspectives of the First Law of Thermodynamics, I can show you what I mean.

While energy can freely transmute from physical matter to ether and back within the expanded view of the cosmos according to LaViolette, the energy goes mostly in one direction in our current physical reality. In the first example,  we see a two-way street (mutuality), in the second one, we see a one-way street (one-sidedness).

While I highly respect Paul’s expertise, I find his reasoning to be a good example of False Light indoctrination. Which is to leave out the context, in other words, the perspective. I am not saying that he is misleading us intentionally, but that he is displaying his fundamental conviction that he would love to be taken care of without giving anything in return (aka waiting for a savior of sorts).

And I say: wouldn’t we all just love miracles on a daily basis? Or wouldn’t we?

I can honestly say that there were times in which I wished for a miracle cure for my health, my relations, and my money problems to name a few topics. But nowadays I know where this wish once came from and that this expectation simply violates Natural Lore and will therefore always be frustrated at the end.

Even free energy needs to come from somewhere. If I only ever get energy without giving anything back, I will have created a one-way street and a lose-situation for the party that is not getting anything back. Somehow people assume that free energy means endless energy, which is not what we are talking about. Paul says so himself.

When we accept the fact that there is free energy and that we humans are obviously not skilled enough to harness and wield it at the same time, we may actually find ways to develop that skill in a way that benefits all.

What I am saying will make perfect sense once we examine the circumstances in which the Matrix was created that tie in with Paul’s motive for free gratification.

It is THE key concept that once understood, will bring down the Matrix and bring balance into all aspects of our lives.

This key concept is called evolution. Evolution in its true sense implies, that there is a progression from point A to point B, point B being considered a qualitative improvement compared to point A.

Interestingly, it is not even disputed by Natural Law that all complex systems undergo a starting period in which they are not functional yet without massive energy infusions from the environment which they need to become functional at a later stage of their development.

Think for a moment.

That is true for a new company.

It is even true for a building.

And it is certainly true for living organisms.

While I do not know how stones mature, I find sufficient evidence in my surrounding that the principle of maturation and evolution is a general principle of Natural Law and especially of Natural Lore that is right in our faces, but its true importance is widely either neglected, ignored or glossed over in most people’s awareness. That even goes for people who are otherwise skilled critical and logical thinkers and possibly highly evolved when it comes to their consciousness or spiritual awareness.

But things do not necessarily disappear if we do not (want to) see them. But they get dissociated into our shadow, on a personal and a collective level.

The Matrix exists because we made and still make a point to ignore the indispensable requirements of maturation as individuals and as a species.

Challenge is in the very nature of evolution, whether we want to accept it or not. There is absolutely no work-around for this fact if we ever want to experience anything different than parasitism in our lives and in the cosmos. Because the Matrix is exactly that: a parasitic regime in which the only way to win is to be on the receiving end of the energy flow.

I have spent many hours trying to find a scenario that would give me a sensible explanation for the existence of the Matrix and that would not conflict with my core conviction that we only lose power if we agree to give it away. Without this form of consent, autonomy and soul equality would invariable be an empty concept.

Even people who abhor that consumeristic principle will need to abide by it if they do not want to die at this point in our collective evolution. It starts with food and ends with air that we subject to deterioration as we breathe.

Signing over our Power to the Matrix

So, once upon a time…

There was a collective of souls that embarked on a new adventure wanting to experience what happens when physical matter and the soul integrate. They were all equal, and all the equality didn’t make for good experiences after having spent a long time in eternity. In order to make it more of a challenge and possibly more fun, some rules were established. The theme of polarity vertically represented through soul/matter was expanded into a horizontal polarity of two opposing principles creating friction between soul/and matter and male/female at the same time, giving the aspects of connection and balance the most important roles of all. The soul was to grow in the crucible created between these four elements.

This concept was fairly new to everybody. In this foreign territory, these almighty and infinite souls were practically reduced to a state of infancy. They knew nothing about the practical experience and even felt helpless at times. Since they were in a state of infancy, they cut themselves some slack by starting off with a less intense charge on the male/female polarity so they could get acquainted with the terrain first. That had the additional advantage that the embodiment of the male/female principle in itself created a strong magnetic charge attracting the soul into the body. This was kind of a fail-safe mechanism to make sure that they knew how to navigate matter before bringing in the almighty soul. After all, who knew what they would do to each other if they got that kind of power to play with before they were mature enough to handle it.

Through try and error, they understood that only cooperation among each other and integration of the four forces pulling on them gave them the power to influence and shape physical matter. Often, their creations were unstable because they didn’t get the mix of all the involved aspects quite right yet. That could be quite frustrating.

A Savior shows up

One day, a being and its friends appeared on the scene. The being claimed that it could help this new humanity to create in a more stable way and that it had vast experience with this kind of predicament. Humanity was impressed. After all, this being seemed to have it all figured out. They saw it as a wise father figure, which is why they heard it out.

What if, this being proposed, they would have an updated body manufactured that would maintain the balance among the opposing forces much easier because the being itself would install its own proven principle of balance into these new bodies. It promised that either his associates or itself would always be able to watch out for them that way. They could even interfere directly if things got haywire if they needed to. Didn’t that sound good?

Humanity took the offer into consideration. Some said that if something sounds too good to be true, there is likely a catch. Others were just tired of their slow progress and wanted to roll with it. A third group had no opinion at all, they would simply follow the majority.

Terms and Conditions

In order to appease the pessimists in the first group, the second group agreed to learn more about the terms and conditions of the proposed deal. The being was a bit hurt that its motives were questioned, but complied. If they were so reluctant to accept his offer, they could return this new body and get their old body back, once humanity had learned all there was to learn about balance from the being. “See,” it said, “my offer bears no risks for you. I will even keep the blueprint of your original bodies safe for you. And while we are at it,” it added,” I will do the same with your creational power.” It said that it would use a small portion of it to create their new bodies (to make sure their energy truly matched their new body) and manage the rest of their creational power until they were mature enough to manage it themselves, like in a trust fund.

That made sense to humanity. They took care of their young before they could fend for themselves. So why not accept a little guidance? But they were not completely stupid. They would obviously sign a contract containing all the details of the deal. The ones interested read the contract and it was exactly as they had agreed upon.

And so it began.

They signed over most of their creative power to the being and its associates and awaited their new bodies with anticipation. Humanity learned to cope and make ends meet with less creative power in the meantime. It was soon rewarded for the endurance in this time of limitation when its new body arrived. The cool thing about these new bodies was that they had been pre-programmed with amazing features by the being and its associates and at the same time, they were fitted to their own energy body, which would power the physical body and allow them to mold it further in the future.

Time passed.

Creation got indeed a lot more stable.

The entity kept in touch.

Propaganda, Hope Porn, and Fear Porn

Every once in a while, a human would want their original body back. But the being said: “Trust me, you are not ready yet”. When humans persisted, it would say: “It is too dangerous, do you want to be responsible for mass destruction, either by abusing your creational power or by destroying other people’s stable creation with your instability?” That would humble and silence the most outspoken human. Their lack of ability in the past was proof that they were not good enough to handle their own power. How embarrassing. They needed to be protected from it for their own good!

Also, conditions on Earth had somehow become more hostile. Humans were creating in a more stable way, but the environment had changed. Keeping the body healthy and safe was no small feat. But luckily, they could on their benefactors.

More time passed.

The humans started to teach their children that they were not entitled to their own creational power because that kind of power was better reserved for wiser beings. They called them gods.

Claiming Creatorship

Nobody remembered the contract anymore in which humanity had handed over their power for safe-keeping.

The gods continued to be a source of inspiration for humanity.

Even more time passed.

Humanity communicated with the Gods through dreams. In their sleep, part of the humans’ energy body left their physical body. They often visited the realm of the gods with this astral body. What they saw in the heavens amazed them. Creation was so much easier there! Everything was effortless and beautiful. What they didn’t realize, though, is that all that wonder was continuously created by their own power that was still being funneled to the gods according to the contract. They never realized how powerful their physical body was, even the mutated form. It could harvest energy out of the ether much better than the body of many other species, especially the species of the gods. And through its later modifications on a genetic level, that energy was mostly diverted to the realm of the gods.

Seeing another opportunity here, the gods suggested to the humans to have some of their energy body recreated as well so that the humans could partake in the heavens and become gods themselves someday. The humans’ silent consent was all the gods needed to proceed. This is how humans came to etheric and astral doubles that were very powerful but also manipulated by the gods who by now claimed that they had created humans, even their souls. Which was the truth, sort of, except for the part with the soul. And the original human energy body. The original energy body could not be directly influenced by the gods yet during the day, only during the night. But over time, the gods started working on the physical body and the original energy body directly, additionally to its manipulation at night.

The soul wasn’t a big threat anymore for two reasons. First, humans believed it to be just an interface between them and the gods. Second, the soul didn’t have much direct power over people’s lives, because the embodiment of the soul requires the proper balance among soul/matter and male/female to incarnate.

The evil Body

Humanity’s perception became extremely limited. Over time, humans were led to believe that anything connected to the physical body was evil and that the etheric realm was the real deal. At the same time, humans were told that they were unworthy to ascend to that realm, which is why they needed to keep up the good work. Today, we call this dichotomy false light and false shadow.

The shadow part was partly owed to the “good example” of the gods who projected their shadow into all their creations. But things weren’t going so well for humanity, either. The original rules were still in place. Not respecting them led to consequences. Their lack to achieve balance often made them into predators themselves.

The gods would have loved to get rid of the human body altogether, but they would lose their source of power that was connected to the physical body if they did. So their best bet was to divert humanity’s attention from it as much as possible until they found a way to dispose of humanity while keeping their energy. Mental Consciousness was developed, which served as a virtual playground, a source of bliss, and a curated new normal all in one. These higher densities synchronized nicely with humanity’s now modified limited mental body, which was part of the original human setup but could be modified by the other energy bodies. That way, humanity was serving as a source of power for the gods and limiting their own perception through all the suggestive trickery of the gods.

Humanity’s misery was now the result of a self-fulfilling prophecy. They had indeed turned into a violent species who was on the brink of extinction several times because they were fed too much knowledge and had too little wisdom. They were like kids playing with guns.

Humans had completely forgotten about their bodies as a source of power. And even deeper, the memory of their original intention to develop into extraordinary beings once they mastered the male/female polarity lay hidden. Their physical bodies still held that memory. But they were taught to dismiss its messages a long time ago, which didn’t work completely. The body found ways to get its message across through disease and the outburst of the shadow for some. Others learned to discipline their mind to an extent that made it possible to keep the shadow in check (at least looking from the outside). Culture and religion mirrored this development. People were deluded to an extent in which they made themselves believe they were evolving. Consciousness became the measure for everything, whether etheric or technical. Oppressive power structures and the occult appealed to the crowd that preferred to project their violent shadow outbursts on others. Submissive devotion appealed to the crowd that preferred to pretend that they didn’t have a shadow. They destroyed mostly themselves. Although in the end all of them destroyed each other and themselves. False light and false shadow will always be mutually dependent.

Unfortunately, other unsavory characters showed up over time. They hoped to get a piece of the cake. Humanity became a frequent source of dispute.

Becoming one

They all want to become one with humanity.

What a mess!

But not THE END, if we finally remember who we are and do what we should have done in the first place before we followed the gods in their footsteps.

I will match my own perception with accounts of other people who have access to the metaphysical world in much more detail elsewhere. But I want to give you the gist first so you can go off and do your own research.

Deeper Analysis

I would like to thoroughly analyze the story above, that demonstrates what I believe to be the problem so that we can come to a solution.

Let’s recapitulate:

  1. There is a contract that was made between humanity and some cosmic conqueror that is still active to this day – any other scenario would logically lever out the assumption that we are all sovereign individuals.
  2. Through first trauma and then propaganda, we were distracted from the existence of this contract, our original bodies, and the importance of the body altogether because the body is a carrier of our original creative energy.
  3. With our energy, an etheric realm we know as consciousness was created to keep us entertained and influenceable by building up a fake narrative.
  4. Not only our physical body but our energy bodies were recreated (etheric body, astral body, mental body) in order to bind us to consciousness. Through sleep, the fake etheric and astral bodies synchronized with our original etheric and astral bodies. Later, our perception during the day was also limited through that work and other direct manipulations of our physical reality that defines our self-image during the day.
  5. Our real and fake bodies are held together by our physical body that is not our original body (from the Organic Multiverse). But they couldn’t change all features from our original body because that would have done away with humanity’s skill to harvest energy for them. Therefore, our bodies now contain elements of the Organic Universe, as well as modifications by the Matrix. We can still relate to the Organic Universe through our bodies, even if we can’t embody its principles anymore (or yet). Within us, the Organic Universe and the Matrix overlap.
  6. By posing a threat to the agenda of the cosmic conquerors, they have been working towards ways to sever us from our bodies even more. Possible solutions are Ascension into the realm of consciousness (in which we “consciously” choose to use our bodies according to the cosmic conqueror’s wishes)  or Transhumanism (we let them alter our body to an extent in which our original etheric and astral bodies and our soul won’t be able to manage the physical body anymore).
  7. Ascension or Transhumanism are both good shots at preventing our revocation of the contract indefinitely making it much more unlikely for us humans to finish our development to an extent in which the soul can embody fully.

The Contract

Many people do not realize how many contracts they make on a daily basis. It starts with the simple purchase of groceries and clicking off the cookie banner, etc. But there are not only legal contracts. As I have said before, any reality is based on rules. When we make a new year’s resolution, we make a contract with ourselves. When we allow demonic possession, we make a contract with that entity. When we stay in victim mode, we forget that there is a contract in place that can be terminated by us at any time. When we take care of our parents as children, we make a contract with them that we are not going to abandon them if they so they do not abandon us.

The legal system is a set of rules that mirrors the current social order, which is why it will not always comply with Natural Lore. But it does contain some elements of it because otherwise, no form of order could be established. Therefore, any legal system today reflects a mixture of Natural Law and Natural Lore. While theoretically, the legal system of most Western countries is based on a decent and fair code of conduct that is codified in the constitution, a legal system that is formally sworn to ensure justice and equality, practically, it protects the representatives of the cosmic conquerors here on Earth.

The same goes for our spiritual and emotional contracts. The problem here is that more often than not, we are agreeing to something that we do not quite comprehend from our human perspective at the time we make the contract. Incarnating into the Organic Universe came with the authority to make binding agreements, which does not just demonstrate sovereignty among souls. This kind of freedom always comes with responsibility and liability, too.  And since our venture into the matter was meant as an opportunity for experience, there is no protection against faulty agreements. It is really important to see that from a soul level, we all are very wise, mature, and perfectly capable to take up responsibility for our contracts, while on a human level, we wanted and needed to grow into this maturity through new experiences.

Learning from mistakes is a big component of any evolution, which is why it is so important to analyze one’s past to see what went wrong with one’s own judgment at the time. It is much more comfortable to stay stuck in the narrative than evaluating why we acted against our or other people’s best interests in the past.

In order to transcend the Matrix, we will have to find out why we as a species took the wrong turn, to begin with. Simply said, we need to dissolve our karma which is neither more nor less than what I have just said: Own your mistakes and move on. We all have the power to dissolve contracts that do not benefit us any longer.

With all the content that I will be presenting to you on this website, I feel that what I am bringing up next is the most crucial piece of information of all, when it comes to theoretical intelligence. I will go into much more detail later, but I want to break the information down to its basics first because I do not want you to miss any of the context of the whole that may get lost in more detailed descriptions of its individual parts.

Humanity was at a very critical point in their evolution when they sold out their soul to the cosmic conquerors.

One could say, that they were supposed to be coming off age as a species. As everybody probably remembers from their teenage years, these periods of transitions in which you are neither here nor there can be very frustrating. You want to do so much more than you can do. But your parents and society will protect you from getting what you want so badly and then they stop protecting you, whether you feel read or not. In an ideal society, parental figures gently guide you to help you find your own decisions until it is safe enough for you not to be a serious threat to yourself and others and then they let you make your own decisions. There follows a stage in which you would be expected to clean up your own messes in order to mature. This stage more often than not is involved with some growing pains. You may mess up your first real romantic relationship, be exploited as an intern, or be scammed by the person who sold you your first car. All very uncomfortable situations that are invaluable if you are prepared to learn from them.

Let me break it down even more: Evolution is the result of periods of transition in which you go from being provided for to having to provide for yourself, at least to some extent. The higher you evolve, the more autonomous you will be expected to be.

This is true from the very beginning of our gestation up to our deaths. In the beginning, we are completely dependent on our mother physically. We are even connected to her directly through our umbilical cord. When we are born, we need to at least breathe and suckle by ourselves. By the age of 21, parental support needs to gradually withdraw. They will start by letting us be quite unstable when we first try to sit and have us make the effort to walk without them holding us up. They will not tell us that our teenage crush is a jerk, although they see the heartbreak coming and so on.

The secret in this is the timing. If they give us love and an environment in which we are safe enough to make mistakes at the appropriate time, nothing bad will happen to us really. We will come away with some bruises and move on with a sense of pride and accomplishment. Believe it or not, people who did not have to fight their way into the world by themselves because they were delivered by a C-section, may have their first experience as a loser in the first minute of their lives. Making our first steps alone is a very important moment in life.

The equation is simple: If we get what we need when we need it, we will be able to provide what we needed before to ourselves in the next step of our evolution. First we get it, then we have it. But if we never got it, we will never have it.

“Helping” children by putting them into walkers or pulling them up all the time before they do it themselves, seriously inhibits the maturation of their nervous system. It will only make them lazy and the inhibition of a proper evolution of the nervous system will cause them many problems later on, no matter how well-intentioned a caretaker was acting while trying to take away a child’s frustration. We all know of people who can’t basically tie their own shoelaces because they were sheltered for far too long. But we also may know of people who may not be able to tie their shoelaces because their parents didn’t feed them well enough to grow.

This is where I come back to the principle of mutuality. Children do not have to abide by the principle of mutuality. They are the receivers only of energy(food, love, protection). Adults, however, need to understand and act on the principle of mutuality. When they want energy, they need to give some as well. That way, energy is preserved over time.

For adults, there is really not such a thing as a free lunch.

Our cosmic conquerors, however, hadn’t grown up yet, which is why they became parasites and we became their free lunch, quite literally.

By not wanting to go through our own growing pains as a species, we became part of that predatorial regime up to a point in which we impose our energy needs on other beings when we eat without giving anything in return (I am not just talking animals here). With respect to physical matter, we are still bound to our consumeristic “new” genetics for the moment. But we can still draw on our original etheric and astral bodies if we choose to. And it is important to love our bodies as well and not reject them for being consumeristic for now. We will not undo the genetic manipulations of eons of time in the blink of an eye. Although such things are likely to be possible if we do what needs to be done in terms of our evolution.

In other words: There is no way around becoming a parasitic predator if emotional maturity and with it the principle of mutuality is not reached in due time. That is the so-called shadow spiritual folks talk so much about.

There is one last thing to consider about the contract. On a soul level, all of us obviously wanted to have the Matrix experience, otherwise, we wouldn’t be here today. That doesn’t mean that the decision was wise in hindsight, though. It also doesn’t mean that we need to do any more penance than we are already doing. Seen from the level of soul, the predicament we got ourselves into is seen as penance enough, because we are inflicting pain on each other in many different ways. Self-deprecation and self-pity (typical signs of emotional immaturity) are common pitfalls for people who can’t accept that objectively seen, our strategy so far simply isn’t good enough to transcend the Matrix. Karma dissolves, once we have learned the lesson. Otherwise, there is no punitive aspect going on here. The solution simply lies in our willingness to follow Natural Lore.

Rejection of the Body through Lack and Trauma

I believe that the distortion of the truth of our physical bodies is the most powerful tool that the Matrix has to secure its supremacy and our submission.

As I have said before, so far, they were not able to get rid of our bodies yet because they would lose their supply of power. Therefore, the only way to minimize the threat of their exposure and our organic evolution was to make us reject the body on all kinds of levels and to tell us that the fact that we even have a body is proof of humanity’s inherently evil core. Although, from the perspective of the Matrix, of course, the body is indeed a necessary evil.

We have been convinced to believe that all kinds of self-destructive patterns are in fact signs of spiritual purity or evolution. It starts with fasting in which you are literally making your body destroy itself, and ends with our ideal of romantic love, which is lopsidedly based on the principle of Agape and not integrated with Eros, an absolutely crucial principle for our evolution.

Due to the original constitution of the human body, it wasn’t all too difficult to split us from our bodies. The Matrix just needed to make sure to tweak our instinct of survival to a point in which they fixed it into a permanent feature of the human condition. The fixation of this state of survival had grave consequences on our minds, our emotions, and our bodies.

Let me explain this further because most people are not familiar with the fundamental implications of the survival state.

Again, we need to revisit the concept of energy as a unifying principle. The question arises of what happens when there is not enough energy. Energy is never lost but matter, which is relatively energy-dense, will disintegrate sooner or later if entropy should not be reversible.

Disintegration is basically accompanied by loss of function beyond a certain point of energy loss. Think of a stone that decays to sand by thousands of years of erosion.

Or of a tool, which rusts completely. Or of a cloth, what frays.

Our body, which also consists of matter, is of course subject to the same principles as any other matter in the universe. The more and more complex the functions of a material body become, the more important is the material integrity. Because functionality also costs energy.

This applies not only to animate matter but also to machines. Think of a cell phone. It goes into standby mode as soon as the battery runs down. Standby mode serves to conserve energy. Vital functions are specifically maintained, while unimportant functions are switched off. You should be able to make calls with a cell phone for as long as possible. For this, you may have to do without the function of some apps in the background.

The more apps that are open in the background, the faster the battery runs down. The same applies if you make the screen very bright.

Thus, for material bodies with complex functionality, there is a transition from high to low functionality depending on how much energy is available. The loss of functionality does not initially lead to the disintegration of form. Initially, only the function is lost. Only when a certain level of energy deficiency is reached, does disintegration occur. The battery of your cell phone can be restored in its function for a few years. Only after a while, it will also disintegrate when the battery can no longer store any energy. The cell phone itself also disintegrates at some point, as it falls victim to entropy.

Living systems have a much higher regenerative power compared to machines, provided that they are regularly supplied with enough energy. If energy is missing in a living system, it also comes first to functional losses. Only then does material disintegration occur. By conserving energy, complexes try to bridge energy droughts. Because up to a certain point, they have the ability to regenerate themselves when energy becomes available again.

Thus, complex forms can temporarily survive energy shortages without disintegrating immediately. Differently than inert matter, which is kept simple in its function, like stones, for example, material forms with more complex functions have a survival mode. This is already true for quite simple living beings like bacteria, it is true for complex machines like cell phones and computers as well as for the human body.

This is quite a simple and yet very profound principle in Natural Lore that I summarize in the following diagram:

The human body also disintegrates when it can no longer gain or store energy. Organ damage then occurs as the breakdown of matter (catabolism) predominates over the build-up of matter (anabolism).

Before the disintegration of organs, however, functional complaints occur long before. I would like to bring your attention to the hormonal system for a moment because it plays a crucial role in triggering the changes that will lead our body-mind-unit into a state of survival. 

The changeover from the “life principle” (abundance of resources) to the “survival principle” occurs through a mechanism that we generally call stress.

However, this term, originally used only for the hormonal system, is now used more generally, namely whenever the body has to adapt to new conditions, which of course always implies that energy has to be expended for this purpose. The father of stress, Hans Selye Ph.D., observed that the hormonal body always reacts to stress in the same way. Selye named this reaction the General Adaptation Syndrome (GAS). You may know it under “fight, flight or freeze reaction”. It is now known that other organ systems have similar mechanisms of defense against stress.

You can look at the exact rearrangements in the hormonal system and the interaction of the endocrine glands with each other and with other organ systems in more detail here and here

For now, I would like to discuss the effects of these stages on metabolism in general because I am trying to make the underlying principle apparent. 

This is what happens:

  1. Resources are increasingly consumed by over function as an attempt to ward off danger to the organism first. This expenditure can lead to an energy deficiency (alarm stage). If a deficiency occurs, the body goes over to stage 2.
  2. The unified and integrated function of the body is interrupted so that specific parts that are most important for vital function can be supplied with energy preferentially (resistance stage). If the energy drought persists, the body proceeds to stage 3.
  3. The body starts to digest itself (catabolism) by breaking down tissues (exhaustion stage).

The short formula of the GAS is:

  1. Lack of energy
  2. Disintegration
  3. Self-destruction

It is important to notice that the state of survival per se is a life-preserving principle and a beautifully designed mechanism to never forget what this universe is about and not die immediately if we run out of fuel for some reason. Logic dictates, however, that the preservation of energy stops within a reasonable amount of time, preferably before stage 3 is reached. In a perfectly healthy body in a perfectly healthy environment, the GAS will be antidoted immediately by nutrients and rest alone.

Problems arise if the GAS is not reverted in due time (which equals death) or not reverted sufficiently because energy wasn’t restored properly. When the GAS is not reverted sufficiently, the survival mode is fixed so that disintegration and self-destruction persist. Aging and any form of degeneration are a sign of this fixation in disintegration and self-destruction. In this case, the survival principle turns into a life-threatening principle.

What is the origin of this fixation?

You may call it karma and I will call it the Original Sin because I really do believe that the fixed survival principle is how we destroy ourselves and others daily on a micro and macro-scale until we learn how to take up proper and mutual responsibility for our energy.

In an acute energy deficit, stages 2 and 3 do not need to be activated if the danger at stage 1 is successfully averted.

While lack of energy is the root of all evil, it is unfortunately not the sole solution to age or chronic disease. I only understood why when I started to study the subject of heredity, or more precisely, epigenetics.

This is where heredity comes into play, through which the deficiency and the reaction to it have become uncoupled. Most people, if not all in one way or another, are stuck in the last stage of the adaptation syndrome, whether they actually suffer an energy deficiency or not. They can eat, take supplements and rest all they want. The GAS is never fully reversed, even if people stay relatively healthy and look good for their age.

Thereby I understood that on the one hand, energy deficiencies themselves can be passed on, e.g. if the mother was malnourished when she carried her child, on the other hand, also the reaction to the energy deficiencies. In other words, the survival mode is hereditary. Even if there is an abundance of energy!

The question is, of course, how it could come to this.

I could only observe this phenomenon for a long time, but I did not understand the meaning behind it.

But I learned one thing: Basically, nothing happens randomly in nature. And then my studies on the course of human development came to my aid.

The answer to the question, how the survival mode could be fixed, came from my researches about human development (Ontogenesis).

The special thing in the development of complex living beings is the fact that the rearing of the offspring takes a certain time, as I already touched upon. Indirectly, this has to do with the brain development of mammals. Large brains require a large head. But an adult head does not fit into any mother and certainly cannot be born through the mother’s pelvis. Accordingly, we are born with a small head, which then grows within our first decade of life to provide room for our brain development.

At the beginning of our life, basically, only our brain stem is fully functional. It knows only one motto: “I want, and I want it NOW!”

In early childhood, ideally, the limbic system begins to develop, whereby humans are able not only to want but also to give.

After the development of the limbic system, the development of the frontal cortex takes place, which allows us to make really reasonable decisions, by weighing impulses of the brain stem and the limbic system and comparing them with learning experiences.

At the same time, however, the development just outlined ensures the emotional maturity of the person concerned. In fact, emotional maturity precedes mental maturity. Emotional maturity is a state in which desires (want+need) and love (love) are well balanced. Besides having useful computing abilities, the brain should no more than ensure balance when it comes to emotions. 

In our teenage years, we are supposed to train this ability to balance. It is not for nothing that we trust teenagers to make decisions based on emotions, such as choosing an outfit, but not yet to conclude complex legal contracts, where the signatories must also be able to weigh up several aspects and foresee consequences for the future. The means to control impulses does not only provide the ability to evaluate situations correctly in the environment but also inside the body. Ideally, an adult human being is able to regulate himself mentally, emotionally, and even on a physical level to a certain degree.

This is especially important from the point of view of the survival principle because an unchecked brain stem is always in deficiency. In childhood, the need (all a form of energy) needs to be satisfied from the outside by the parents, while the child does not have to give love in return (although from a certain point in his development, it will, if things go well).

The system of brood care is, in and of itself, very clever – if it works. The idea is, of course, that parents show their children how to be a self-regulating adult by positive leading example for the first 21 years in the life of their child.

At the very beginning of life, this “learning by example” happens in a very immediate way. From conception until the age of 2, the child is in a symbiotic state with the mother. In this state, the child identifies completely with the mother. It does not even initially recognize that it is an independent person. The child’s brain structure corresponds to a state that adults reach only in deep hypnosis. The child’s brain, therefore, acts as a sponge for everything that it receives from the mother and its closest environment.

But what happens if what the child experiences and absorbs is negative?

Be it that it has not been fed enough, be it that it has not been touched enough or satisfied in other needs and thus has experienced a deficiency on some level that has not gone away?

The child will not be able to properly develop either the limbic system, or the frontal cortex. Thus, in the course of its development, this person will not only lack the ability to self-regulate. It will also pass on this deficiency!

Because an emotionally needy person, who itself still carries “I want” as a motto of life (even if only unconsciously), cannot give its child what it needs to be able to regulate itself. Because children, in contrast to adults, are not able to regulate themselves from the beginning. You would need too big of a brain for that level of function.

It is simply not enough to regularly give children the opportunity to produce energy in the form of food. You also have to show them how to use this energy wisely.

However, if the child does not get what it needs, it will go into survival mode. This takes place not only physically in the metabolism, but also psychologically. There is a splitting off (dissociation) of that which overwhelms the child, namely the truth about its treatment by the parents, and subsequently a shift in the locus of control. This locus of control shift is a way for the child to survive in a hostile environment in which it depends on their perpetrators for survival (the Stockholm Syndrome is a similar phenomenon). Read more about the locus of control shift under “nervous system” here

And this is where the horse has already left the barn. Now imagine further that this mechanism has been passed on for thousands of years: Parents living in scarcity pass the scarcity on to their children. This is how we are all epigenetically programmed to remain in the state of survival. Knowing from years of experience as a health practitioner, I can also confidently say that basically all people additionally suffer from a lack of energy for a number of reasons that you can find out more about here.

I will come back to the creation of the original lack later, but for now, we are coming full circle on our question of which mechanisms the Matrix used to effectively split us from our bodies through dissociation and self-destruction. Psychologically, dissociation and self-destruction are synonymous with trauma. One of the general definitions of trauma is that one loses touch with the truth of one’s own life and reality in general, which is terribly convenient for our cosmic conquerors. It also explains why mind control and trauma-inducing methods are so often connected and also implemented on all levels in the Matrix. Trauma splits us from our bodies and facilitates the manipulation of our perception at the same time, which will become important in our next point when we talk about the cosmic propaganda. 

There is much more to say about the effects of one’s dissociation from the body. Find out more about the mechanisms of trauma here. At this point, I only wanted to introduce the concept as a background to our story of cosmic conquest. 

I will show you later in much more detail how everything of what I just said also correlates with our physical, emotional, and mental health very directly. 

Reinforcement of the Rejection of the Body through Propaganda

„A great civilization is not conquered from without until it has destroyed itself within.” – William James Durant

Now that our cosmic conquerors had created the circumstances in which our bodies turned against us, they could deepen the dissociation and self-destruction with propaganda. One of the modern propaganda master minds, Edward Bernays, defines propaganda in his book by the same name as follows: “In almost every act of our daily lives, whether in the sphere of politics or business, in our social conduct or our ethical thinking, we are dominated by the relatively small number of persons…who understand the mental processes and social patterns of the masses. It is they who pull the wires which control the public mind.”

And the conditions to control the individual and the public mind couldn’t be better, once heredity of trauma was established. 

I will now come back to the lack of self-regulation that is induced by developmental trauma. 

Its basic meaning is that an individual who can’t self-regulate needs help from the outside to balance its bodily functions, such as internal biochemistry, emotional stability and impulse control.

In other words, such an individual is and stays dependant from its surroundings. 

On the other hand, developmental trauma overemphasizes and perpetuates certain reactions, emotions and thoughts in a forseable pattern that looks as such:

It is interesting to notice that physical pain, terror/fear, grief and rage are very adequate responses on the part of a small child.

Shame, guilt and anxiety, however, are adaptive responses triggered by the locus of control shift that basically implies: “If they are not treating me right, it must be me…therefore I deserve anything bad that is happening to me”.  A locus of control shift that persists in later life basically equals a self-destruction mechanism.

I will explain this in much detail later, but for now I would like you to notice that developmental trauma starts with an unfulfilled need on which are stacked layers of mostly unconscious defense responses that will conceal the original need in a way that defense response and need do not appear in a coherent relationship to each other anymore. This is the uncoupling of need and its lack of fullfillment that I was talking about before.

Anxiety is different from fear in a sense that fear is an empowering emotion that helps you to take action in times of threat, while anxiety comes with a sense of disempowerment and inertia.

Shame and guilt are important ethical correctives if they are applied to evaluate a concrete situation that requires a balance between give and take. A child, however, will not be able to make that evaluation up to a certain age because it is not supposed to have to give. Therefore, shame and guilt that may be elicited by caretakers turns into a devalutation of the whole person. The individual feels guilty and ashamed to want the things that he needs.

In many cases, anxiety, shame and guilt become  emotional background noise that influences the expression of all other emotions. People will likely start to feel guilty, anxious and shameful around physical pain, fear, grief or rage, but also around joy, happiness, playfulness and fulfillment.

Now, that is a perfect nourishing ground for propaganda to take hold!

It is now very easy to prey on shame, guilt and anxiety when it comes to needs in general and the body specifically.

All propaganda comes with a message or threat, more specifically. When it comes down to it, propaganda will have you come to the conclusion that if you don’t do this and that, you will become invisible, you will die, be a failure or uloved and rejected by society. Therefoe propaganda reinforces the frontal cortex cognitions (learning) typical of trauma.

And let us not forget that developmental trauma will also lead to dependecy. So basically, we have people who are looking for somebody who tells them what to do to feel better (achieve self-regulation).

Voilá, a propagandist’s wet dream is born!

The body itself is turned into a liability when it is made responsible for just anything, from disease, marital affairs or climate change. 

From there, it is not so difficult to promote etheric ascension or technical enhancement of the body as a way out.

A new Narrative

Propaganda is most effective if it keeps being repeated over and over again. 

And if it comes with a context, since feelings that can not be traced back to an actual experience such as the above mentioned guilt, shame and anxiety have a tendency to latch onto some cotext. The brain feels safer if it thinks that it understands what is going on. 

This is where a narrative comes in handy. Especially, if it contains a kernel of truth, in our case: who has a body, can be hurt. 

To really make their case, our conquerors made sure to convey their message on all levels of our existence that they could reach. That included our energy bodies, not just our physical body. 

Since our new physical bodies were connected to the frequency of the gods anyway, they decided to create a mental field that contained all the information that they wanted us to have. 

They called it consciousness. They knew that by over-emphasizing the narrative, people would better be distracted from their real emotions and needs. They must have known that our survival instinct triggeres a mechanism called analysis paralysis, in which thoughts block the access to emotions very effectively.

Therefore, our  cosmic conquerors built a field full of stories to tell us that they were in our lives for our own good. And that they would defend us from threats that they made sure to exist. 

To make it even more appealing to us humans, they created a mental anesthesia called bliss and told us that this was the highest and purest form of love. 

Obviously, they did not use any of their energy for all of this since they had enough of ours. 

The Romans later adopted their motto: “Divide et impera!”, share and conquer. As long as nobody threatened their position, they would reward you with a bit of participation or a bliss high with good conduct. 

Over time and space, this consciousness field in which energy seemed to be so abundant was styled into an object of desire that people were supposed to to anything for and that would always be just out of reach, except for the ones that demonstrated great self-sacrifice. 

Multidimensional Take-Over

Our cosmic conquerors decided to expand their field of influence over humanity by recreating not only our physical body, but also our etheric and astral bodies. That way, they were trying to make sure that nobody ever remembered what happened and the contract that went with it. That piece of information came to me rather late. Once it did, I began searching for evidence.

I found these teachings about the Nahual tradition of the Toltecs that concerns dreams:

“The tonal is solely ruled by solar energy, but the nahual is ruled by the energy of the whole universe, and mainly by the energy of the moon, Venus and the Pleiades. At a human level, we can detect this energy as a bluish-grey radiance, similar to the cold moon’s light, that is located around the navel when we are awake but moves up around the head when we are asleep or when we enter an altered state of consciousness. The nahual is the energy body that travels to the world of slumber, the one in which we dream…The etymological composition of Náhuatl hides a great part of the cosmology and mysteries of ancient Mexico. The words describe the creation process, the mathematical order of creation and the relationship between humanity and the cosmos, not only on a physical level but on an energetic level…Energetically, the explanation of nahualism is very simple. When we go to sleep, the tonal and the nahual come together, forming a unique energy body.”7

I find it very interesting that the nahual assume that there is a split in our energy body and that we usually only have access to the nahual part of it, when we are asleep. Even more interesting is the fact that the nahual is a lot more powerful than the tonal:

“So it was known that the nahual was four times more powerful than the tonal. Based on these calculations, working on your dreams had much more power than working in the waking state; four times more power, to be exact.”8

In fact, Nahuals believe that we can only have power over the tonal, the state we usually perceive as reality, by means of the nahual:

“If, like most people, we’ve dreamed without remembering our dreams, and if we don’t change this with the appropriate training, our dreams will become our future over and over again until we die…Long after we have achieved this and become our own master, the master of our dreams, we will be able to take the next step: entering the collective dream and the dreams of others and influencing what we call reality. At this stage, we’ll also be developing other skills: prophetic dreaming, repeating the same dream at will, sowing dreams that create our waking state, restoring the sleep body and the greatest paradoxical accomplishment of the dreamer: sleeping without dreaming and so becoming a master of almost total power.”9

The Toltec are not the only people who attribute this kind of power to dreams. Experienced lucid dreamers may also tell you how they won the lottery, found a desirable sexual partner etc. by manifesting from their dreams. One lucid dreamer explains this as follows:

“When one is Lucid Dreaming the Delta and Theta frequency bands are comparable to what they would be during REM sleep. In the Gamma band, the output is higher than REM. This activation of the frontal and front lateral regions of the brain, with the Gamma frequency, only happens when you Lucid Dream—no other time. No other meditative practice, including prayer, comes close to the physiological and psychological benefits of Lucid Dreaming. This is literally using more of your brain than eighty-percent of the people on the planet. It is classified as a “Hybrid” state of consciousness! It is a merging of realities in the truest sense. Your frontal lobes, responsible for your motor skills and all things cognitive (problem-solving, memory, language, impulse control, spontaneity, and judgment), that is usually suppressed is fully activated while you are asleep. So, while your body repairs itself, digest food and recharges, you can be problem solving and getting things done. Talk about time management!”10

Rudolf Steiner, Theosophist and Mystic says about dreams:

“This allegorical dream of man, whose etheric body begins to develop, now also has this kind of expression. But it ceases to reflect mere facts of the physical environment or of one’s own sensual body. Just as those dreams become regular which owe their origin to these things, so also such dream images interfere which are expressions of things and conditions of another world. Here first experiences are made which are inaccessible to the ordinary daily consciousness. – Now one must by no means believe that any true mystic makes the things which he experiences in such a dreamlike way already the basis of any authoritative communications of a higher world. One has to regard such dream experiences only as the first signs of a higher development. Soon, as a further consequence, the fact occurs that the images of the dreaming secret pupil are no longer withdrawn from the guidance of the prudent mind as before, but are regulated and duly supervised by it like the ideas and sensations of the waking consciousness. More and more the difference between the dream consciousness and this waking state disappears. The dreamer is awake in the full sense of the word during the dream life; that is, he feels himself master and leader of his pictorial ideas. During dreaming the human being is actually in a world which is different from that of his physical senses.”11

“His dreams lose the meaningless, irregular, and incoherent character and become more and more a rule-filled, coherent world. With further development this new world born from the dream world not only does not yield to the outer sensual reality in inner truth, but in it facts are revealed which represent a higher reality in the full sense of the word. … He develops to take over the state, which he has only created from the dream life, into the awake consciousness.”12

“During sleep the human soul does not receive the communications from the side of the physical sense tools. The perceptions of the ordinary outer world do not flow to it in this state. In truth, it is in a certain respect outside the part of the human being, the so-called physical body, which mediates the sensory perceptions and the thinking during waking. It is then only in connection with the finer bodies (the etheric body and the astral body), which are beyond the observation of the physical senses. But the activity of these finer bodies does not cease in sleep. Just as the physical body is in contact with the things and beings of the physical world, as it receives effects from them and acts upon them, so the soul lives in a higher world. And this life continues during sleep. In fact, the soul is in full activity during sleep.”13

“What is illustrated in such characteristic examples of the dream and sleep life takes place continually in man. The soul lives without interruption in higher worlds and is active within the latter. It draws from these higher worlds the stimuli through which it perpetually acts upon the physical body.”14

While Steiner doesn’t mention that the world of dreams is more powerful than the waking world, he does say that power comes from the joining of the two worlds.

Former teachers of mine who studied Hermeticism, the Kabbalah and Steiner extensively state:

“Man on earth got in this way a twofold nature, one belonging to the sun and one belonging to the moon… Thus man began to live between a realm that drew him upward and a realm that drew him inward. By the fact that the second part tries to turn away from the sun, and is felt in one’s own interior, its pull is also felt more strongly than the pull of the sun. … Thus, man was lifted upward by the sun, pulled inward by the moon, and now found himself in a position that corresponded to a reflection of later karma.”15

Of course, all the statements above could be describing our meeting of the original etheric or astral bodies during our dreams or the fact that our original etheric and astral bodies were never able to function with the new physical body but with a new creation of it from the beginning. I for my part feel that there is indeed a double of our etheric and astral bodies that are competing for supremacy over our physical body. It may become clearer later on why I feel my suspicions confirmed when we dig deeper into the cosmology and world building according to Rudolf Steiner and others. 

Our Bodies are not disposable as energy sources – yet

One could wonder if there isn’t a more direct way for our cosmic conquerors to subdue humanity than putting up the cosmic show they did. If the body is that evil, why did they hang on to it? I find it hard to believe that they only did it to debase humanity over their dependance on the physical body. I think that they didn’t get rid of our physical bodies so far because they needed them for their purposes of harvesting our energy.

Intereting enough, Plato reiterates a conversation among the Greek gods in which they feel threatened by humanity and debate what to do about it:

“They were strong also, and had aspiring thoughts. They it was who levied war against the Gods; and what Homer writes concerning Ephialtus and Otus, that they sought to ascend to heaven and dethrone the Gods, in reality relates to this primitive people. Jupiter and the other Gods debated what was to be done in this emergency. For neither could they prevail upon themselves to destroy them, as they had the Giants, with thunder, so that the race should be abolished; for in that case they would be deprived of the honours of the sacrifices which they were in the custom of receiving from them; nor could they permit a continuance of their insolence and impiety.”16

When they talk about “abolishing our race” they can only mean the destruction of our physical bodies, which they are reluctant to do out of fear to lose our sacrifice to them. 



 We are the Ones We have been waiting for!

I had already planned to dedicate my time to this project before the C-crisis was triggered openly. I now feel, that my timing couldn’t have been better. Although, no, I wished I had done it a year ago because I feel that time is running fast.

We as a race, have come very far from the truth of what we really are and need.

We are traumatized victims and perpetrators, mind controlled, unhealthy and we need to take up responsibility for all of it NOW, if we want to survive another century without becoming angels by force or cyborgs, although the current plan-demic has tipped the odds towards the latter, in my opinion.

Accepting what is is the first step in any change.

Something not being “free” doesn not mean that we do not deserve it! That is a core conviction of frustrated symbiosis cultivated by the Matrix.

What is not going to work: raising consciousnes (training away eros), Satanism (promoting eros without maturity), connecting to soul without maturing, afraid of that element. Not with clever descriptions like Farrell.

Lucifer=Light bringer

Why do all religions, mystery schools, gurus fall pray to the opposite as they teach? Steiner is supposed to have died of cancer. Gurus: They did have their flaws, but they were also very wise! Exactly. Even Crowley has his moments. But that is the problem. Claiming to be spiritually advanced and be immotionally immature at the same time.


Free energy technology want to force free energy.

When will we be ready for the knowledge of the mystery schools? It is not about the knowledge. It isn’t about training away our eros into dissociation or using it in an irresponsible way. we will make the transition when we change our understanding of what we call free energy.  Otherwise, we are no better than false light or false shadow.

Mystery Schools are not progressive, even raising consciousness. However, they give us the opportunity to study more deeply what it is about.

The only thing we can transform, without unintended consequences, is ourselves. Nature does the rest.

This is only partly about getting rid of the cosmic conqueror, not going back to the real god. The creator of the universe is just as irresponsible for as any other being besides ourselves. We won’t get out of this if we put our hopes on any other powerful being. It would only mean we have learned nothing. Einstein.

Revoke the contract

Pick up our responsibility where we left it

by growing up

finding eros

individually and collectively

How would that change the Energy problem?


Coming back to the rules…


The Gods

If you continued reading this website until now, you probably agree with me that we live in a Matrix that is controlled by entities who want us to buy into their version of reality. I generally refer to these being or collective of beings as God or Gods. All accounts on Gods that I have read so far include a creational myth. They may be slightly different. But they always contain two common aspects: One or more entities calling themselves God made our world and us humans (including our soul, according to some deities).

The God of Abrahamic religions claims the following in the book of Genesis in the Bible:

“In the beginning, God created the heaven and the earth. And the earth was without form, and void; and darkness was upon the face of the deep. And the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters. And God said, Let there be light: and there was light. And God saw the light, that it was good: and God divided the light from the darkness. And God called the light Day, and the darkness he called Night.”

The Babylonian creational myth of the Annunaki called Enūma eliš (literally: When above (as in Heaven) wasn’t mentioned yet) says:

“Marduk then split Tiamat’s remains in two – from one half he made the sky – in it he made places for Anu, Enlil, and Ea…Marduk made likenesses of the gods in the constellations, and defined the days of the year from them. He created night and day, and the moon also…Marduk then spoke to Ea – saying he would use his blood to create man – and that man would serve the gods…Marduk then divided the gods into “above” and “below” – three hundred in the heavens, six hundred on earth.”

There are many more creational myths, but I think you get the idea. The more interesting question is why this split was created. I think the Babylonian creational myth is quite on the spot when it says that the whole creation, including man himself, was made to serve the Gods. While serving is a very general term, it implies some form of subservience.

Subservience with what? Energy, of course. There are many ways we can serve the Gods our energy. From our labor to our bodies. Energy is being lost by us and transferred somewhere else, when we are talking about the visible (tonal) reality or being kept somewhere else behind the veil (nahual reality), so we can’t get access to it.

Newton’s translation[edit]

A 17th-century edition

A translation by Isaac Newton is found among his alchemical papers that are currently housed in King’s College Library, Cambridge University.[8]

Tis true without lying, certain and most true.

That which is below is like that which is above
and that which is above is like that which is below
to do the miracle of one only thing

And as all things have been and arose from one by the mediation of one:
so all things have their birth from this one thing by adaptation.

The Sun is its father,
the moon its mother,
the wind hath carried it in its belly,
the earth is its nurse.
The father of all perfection in the whole world is here.
Its force or power is entire if it be converted into earth.

Separate thou the earth from the fire,
the subtle from the gross
sweetly with great industry.
It ascends from the earth to the heaven
and again it descends to the earth
and receives the force of things superior and inferior.

By this means you shall have the glory of the whole world
and thereby all obscurity shall fly from you.

Its force is above all force,
for it vanquishes every subtle thing and penetrates every solid thing.

So was the world created.

From this are and do come admirable adaptations
where of the means is here in this.

Hence I am called Hermes Trismegist [sic],
having the three parts of the philosophy of the whole world

That which I have said of the operation of the Sun is accomplished and ended.


Hermeticism, Theosophie, Steiner



From the perspective of a spiritual hierarchy, predatorial energy theft makes total sense. If the Gods created us, they may do with us as they please. If we are like cells of their body, it is only natural that we do not get a saying about where our energy goes.

But assuming that the Gods did not create us (which is how I see things), how did it come to this energy bondage?

If we are all created equal, we all have the exact same power. Logic demands, there can’t be one being stronger than the other. So the only way that one being can rule over another is by permission. The only way one being can steal another being’s energy is by permission.

Now, if you are wondering why one being would give another that much power, you are in good company. Giving away your power and energy seems like a pretty bad deal to me where I am coming from now.

I have thought long and hard about that question. I can’t claim my sovereignty and infinity and blame some other being for imprisoning me at the same time. So we, the inhabitants of the Matrix, must have signed over our energy and creational capacity to the Gods at some point.

And, thinking of this, there are perfectly good reasons to give other entities power over us deliberately.

When I have surgery done, I am trusting the surgeon that he or she will not butcher me up while I am unconscious.

When I pay money into a bank, I am trusting it to take care of it for me.

When I am in a team, I have no problem following a person who tells me what to do because I trust his or her expertise.

The problem is not to give away power. It is to give it away permanently and without consent.

As I said, there must be consent among equal individuals. But what if we forgot about the consent? Or even better, what if we don’t even notice that we are giving away our energy and power?

That would be genius. Like the online product that you bought and that turned into a subscription because you ignored the fine print. Or the help you got from a friend who helped you with your accounting until you became totally dependant because you never learned to do things by yourself?

The way we experience a lack of energy in the physical matter and an abundance of energy in the metaphysical matter go back to a shift of awareness. These two realms operate under the exact same rules when it comes to energy. What changes, is our perspective.

We have come to assume that in the physical realm we have a body, but no abundant energy to replenish it. And in the so-called higher densities, we have no body to replenish, but abundant metaphysical energy. Kind of weird, when one comes to think of it, right?

That is the illusion that the split keeps alive, sponsored by the Gods du jour.

We can’t undo this with a blink of an eye what we have created for possibly millions of years.

In a way, the solution to this dilemma seems very easy. Leave the body behind and play with energy all you want, right?

The Original Sin

The New Game

Let’s throw another aspect into the mix.

While souls are all equal and omnipotent, we seem to like a challenge now and then. But no challenge would be possible with omnipotence. Therefore, we need to either dim our power or at least define rules that allow us to express our power only in certain ways.

I believe that this is what our venture into physical matter was supposed to be: a challenge to master physical matter.

Ok, so souls incarnate into matter. They now have a physical body and they need to learn how to relate to physical matter around them, too.

That could be exciting, but frightening, too. All of a sudden, you are vulnerable, because physical matter decays if there is no substitute for lost energy. We know that already.

In Daoist creation myth, “The Way gave birth to unity; unity gave birth to duality; duality gave birth to trinity; trinity gave birth to the myriad creatures.”




So, we can only know ourselves by our reflection in the mirror or water or any other surface we can reflect ourselves on. However, we see an inverse image of ourselves, because our right is our left and so we start perceiving ourselves the wrong way from this point on.

“At the human level, then, the tonal is a body of energy that produces heat, exactly as the sun does. It can be seen as an amber radiance around our head when we’re awake and/or in a conscious state and it governs our perception then.”



Mirror Universe, can get some control over it by God’s grace, more energy, if we give up physicality, otherwise we would start challenging God, giving up physical bodies is the ultimate abdication of organic creatorship. Ascension gives us creatorship, but in a subordinate relationship.

Survival: not enough, compromise of matter, has its needs of energy (psora)

In Heaven, Symbiosis still there, no mutuality, no frontiers, borders, boundaries, but autonomy requires boundaries, autonomy implies that something is expected from you, no gender, no difference to mother, no ancestor.

How did this split occur?

“The law of conservation of energy states that the total energy of an isolated system remains constant; it is said to be conserved over time. This law, first proposed and tested by Émilie du Châtelet, means that energy can neither be created nor destroyed; rather, it can only be transformed or transferred from one form to another. For instance, chemical energy is converted to kinetic energy when a stick of dynamite explodes. If one adds up all forms of energy that were released in the explosion, such as the kinetic energy and potential energy of the pieces, as well as heat and sound, one will get the exact decrease of chemical energy in the combustion of the dynamite. Classically, conservation of energy was distinct from conservation of mass; however, special relativity showed that mass is related to energy and vice versa by E = mc2, and science now takes the view that mass–energy as a whole is conserved. Theoretically, this implies that any object with mass can itself be converted to pure energy, and vice versa, though this is believed to be possible only under the most extreme of physical conditions, such as likely existed in the universe very shortly after the Big Bang or when black holes emit Hawking radiation.” 17

Three Laws of Motion

Newton’s three laws of motion, also found in “The Principia,” govern how the motion of physical objects change. They define the fundamental relationship between the acceleration of an object and the forces acting upon it.

  • First Rule: An object will remain at rest or in a uniform state of motion unless that state is changed by an external force.
  • Second Rule: Force is equal to the change in momentum (mass times velocity) over time. In other words, the rate of change is directly proportional to the amount of force applied.
  • Third Rule: For every action in nature there is an equal and opposite reaction.

A strange concept in the Matrix, which is built upon the premise, that the winner– the top of the hierarchy – takes it all.

Solutions that do not just produce a problem shift (or shift of symptoms) need to go back to the most basic principles, the original rules, that

The problem with Natural Law, however, is that it is a corrupted and distorted version of the rules that have been bent by the narrative that the Matrix created for its benefit. In other words: While real facts can be proven beyond a doubt, their interpretation depends on perspective. Therefore

The Matrix exists because it thinks that it can bend the rules. Bending the rules is always possible, although never without a trade-off. On a superficial level, it seems that the “prisoners” of the Matrix are getting the bad end of the trade-off, while the beneficiaries of the Matrix, the top of the spiritual, galactic, and geopolitical pecking order are getting all the benefits.

In order to analyze the Matrix, we first need to define our perspective. So let’s start with the highest perspective that I can think of, the level of the soul.

The basic assumption here is that everybody has an infinite, yet distinct soul. Other than commonly asserted by religion, it is not a metaphysical interface between our bodies made of physical matter and God. Therefore, there is no hierarchy among souls.

What are souls made of? Metaphysical energy.

How do souls evolve? They play with each other.


Need to destroy matter in order to survive: false shadow, there is no energy from metaphysics available


Energy is not our own, metaphysical energy is not for us to take: false light


False shadow is a result of false light, the shadow.

Why? The body is the only thing holding a connectin with the OU

3 Lores, 4 Structures, 1 Principle

All info is out there, mostly in plain sight. But it is on us to connect the dots.

Duality…3 Principles?

Let’s start with one of the 2 biggest secrets of the Matrix: Polarity is actually Trinity. Sort of. Except that you have been lied about it. It is not the Father, the Son and the holy Ghost.

Second biggest Secret: What is this all about? What does our existence revolve around? What is the one think we can’t live without? Not even, if we are a computer? Not just organic life? Energy.

Supposed to be a mixture of physical and spiritual, matrix distorts this

Finite/Infinite (soul is infinite in time and space), bring individuality into shape

An experiment in time=matter=femininity

Make it double, voila, Matrix distortion

Distortion comes through the missing law of balance (you,integration), which distorts feminine and masculine, elements between each other.


Law of Balance: secret, polarity in itself, it is what makes polarity work

Love (Balance between all the aspects of male and female element, from Balance comes freedom) Light (Energy)

Step 1: Learn that there is an overlay of the Organic Universe with the Matrix


Two competing set of rules, where one set of rules is derived from the original.

Think law and contracts that need to obey these laws.

Your incarnation in this Multiverse happened with your permission, therefore there is an agreement, a contract with the creator of this Universe. Your incarnation on Earth at this time, another agreement. The contracht is with Earth. But Earth has a contract with the Matrix as well as the OM, so when you incarnate, you have two conflicting set of rules. The final result of this experiment ist to see what our infinite soul does with energy in the finite matter. And to make it more exciting, polarity was introduced, forcing us to co-create. Both the Matrix and the OM deal with Energy and what happens with it in the matter, both are about power over matter.

Not seing that all is a matter of energy and how to manage it without symbiosis (self power) makes things very complicated, tons of myths, plethora of different medication for one thing, we need one layer of distruction after another, things always stay a mistery, which is then attributed to the numinose, that we are not supposed to understand

Step2: Learn to distinguish both principles

Learning Basic Principles of the Matrix

Power over Matter = Power over Energy

A Darwinian Demon is a hypothetical organism that would result if there were no biological constraints on evolution. Such an organism would maximize all aspects of fitness simultaneously and would exist if there were no limitations from available variation or physiological constraints.[1] It is named for Charles Darwin. Such organisms would reproduce directly after being born, produce infinitely many offspring, and live indefinitely. Even though no such organisms exist, biologists use Darwinian Demons in thought experiments to understand different life history strategies among different organisms.

Learning basic principles of the Organic Universe

Positive Polarity, Negative Polarity, Male, Female

Balance: Autonomy and Interdependency


Time Line Physical and Etheric Bodies, Souls


Embodiment of Etheric+Astral Body, emotional self-regulation

Integral Evolution (explained in much more detail)


Step 3: Reclaim Organic Humanity

Work towards Higher Self instead of Consciousness

 Get polarized

Step 3: Become a sovereign and intentional reality manager

Step 4: Transcend the Matrix by changng the Matrix from within

We are the ones we have been waiting for

Who designed the Matrix?

Who created and creates the Matrix? The Matrix only exists because YOU allow it to exist



We are creator beings, always have been and always will be. The question is whether we create intentionally, or else: who do we create for?


Awakening to the fact that you are an unwilling creator of the matrix until you reclaim your interdimensional autonomy

The time is NOW

Bowing to the wild intelligence of your life force, and choosing to respond to the deepest wisdom of your soul is no longer merely an opportunity for growth, it is the global imperative upon which cultural transformation depends
Clare Dubois

Apocalypse, Age of Aquarius, Corona


Whatever it is about the matrix, when one breaks it down, it will always be about you giving away your souvergnty. Medicine, Politics, Human relationships

The Matrix doesn’t stand a chance once we claim our natural Polarity


Male/Female principle and the perfect balance between Autonomy and Connection


Reclaiming Sexual Energy and Sovereign Creatorship equals intentional Reality Management


Only emotionally mature People become natural Males and Females- a prerequisite for natural polarization


We are all programmed not to go there- how our humanity was turned against us

Intentional Reality Management requires the embodiment of our etheric bodies and of our souls

Following our organic evolutionary blueprint of embodiment

What is embodiment?

There are so many aspects one can embody. One can embody femininity without ever embodying soul.


You can’t have me.

I have woken irreversibly

from the dreamscape

in which I needed your name

to use my voice.

You can’t mold me.

I have gazed backward

through the blazing seal

around my own original mind,

and found perennial refuge here.

I have lapped,

sipped, and devoured

the elixir that springs

from my own unborn body

into my phenomenal heart.

You can’t touch what I am now.

Now I know the buoyancy

of the perfect curves in my upright spine,

the opulent, round grounding

of my feet flesh on the floor.

Oh, bless you, who thought

you could use and consume me!

My laughter is rolling in your direction

and its windstorm breaks

every bone not yet woken.

Brooke McNamara

Taking Action: First learn, then do

Navigating the Matrix

The Matrix as an overlay reality over the organic reality

Understanding the Rules: Natural Lore vs. Natural Law


Learning to Master Reality

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